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Variant Subrace[edit]

Something has changed, something in the recesses of our blood or even soul. From this change, a new form of the old has emerged. Something unexpected yet familiar, a Variant...

Variant Physical Description

Variants are very similar to the main race but with something changed about them, something that sets them apart from others of their race. Now this can be one thing or several things but it is ususally something that allows them to do something that normal variety of their race can not do. These can range from being a different size, a different elemental adapatation, an extra appendage, or even a different soul born to the same form as the others.

Variant History

Variants are not uncommon in most realms as something strange has to happen to bring them about. This can be a change in the environment that only affected the world of a short time, or magic that affected the parents of the variant. All we know is that they are similar to those that came before but they bring about change, although it is not known if it is for the better...

Variant Society

Society for Variants can rather chaotic as it usually depends on how their birthplace deals with the new or unusual. Some can be worshipped as a child of prophesy or something similar due to the adaptation making it easier to live in rough areas. While on the other end of the spectrum, they can be treated as pariahs. Freaks and abominations that should not exist. Most, however, are usually just treated as different, someone who is recognized as family but treated slightly off due their oddity.

Variant Names

Variants usually take the name of their birth race, although they can sometimes gain a bit of flavor to their name due the oddity.

Variant Traits

In addition to the traits of your base race, you also roll a 1d6. The results in your variance (or you can choose one of the variants in the chart below.)

d1 Dwarf You are one size smaller than your Base Race and gives +5 to movement speed, and also gives you +1 in Dex.
d2 Giant You are one size larger than your base race and also -5 to movement speed, and also +1 to Str.
d3 Old Soul Due to a spell on one of you parents, you were born able to remember your past life. Due to this you are able to choose a starting feat from outside your race. This also gives you +1 to Wis.
d4 Half-A-Soul Due to curse on one of your parents, you were only born with half a soul. This makes it harder for you to understand emotions as well as making it hard to connect with others. This caused you to turn to books to try and fill the void, thus gaining proficiency in History. This also gives you +1 in Int.
d5 Winged Due to a influx of magic affecting you before your birth, you were born with wings. As you grew, you became used to size and weight of the wings, giving you a rather well toned body. You are able to fly and have the flying speed equal to your base race's walking speed. You also get +1 to Con.
d6 Third Eye Due to a influx of magic affecting you before your birth, you were born with a third eye. This is on your forehead and allows you to sense emotions as well as giving your Darkvision. Due to this you are able read others and gain advantage on persuasion and intimidation. This also gives you a +1 to Cha.

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