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In the forgotten times, after the great war between Heaven and Hell, Vargach altered Valgora and gave dominion over it to the crafty ape he called man. And to each generation was born a creature of light and a creature of darkness. And great armies clashed by night in the ancient war between good and evil. There was magic then, nobility, and unimaginable cruelty. And so it was until the day that a false sun exploded over Sykuin, and man forever traded away wonder for reason.
Argyle Whitebeard, Lore Keeper
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Vargacian Paladins carry this shield


Vargach is the Valgorian god of Strength. He is also known as The Radiant.

Greater Deity
Symbol: Radiant Dragon
Home Plane: Valgora
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: War, Good, Law
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good
Domains: Strength
Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Vargach, as legend says, is the reason that Valgora exists. If it had not been for him in his mortal form slaying Frubai, the god of theivery, the world would have been left barren.

He has assended to the throne of the Valgorian pantheon and reigns there to this day.


Followers of Vargach follow but one saying: Fight Hard, Die Hard!

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clerics of Vargach are found in major and minor areas all across Ghikva, Hesjing, and even Malsvir. They are usually called upon to every major battle, as they are looked at as the greatest clerics the world has seen.

The most common gathering of followers is on the battlefield.

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