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Physical Description[edit]

The Vanguard are post Ava'teans super soldiers from the planet Rivalon that have green, steel, red, blue, orange and violet eye colors, Brown, black, red, grey, silver and blond hair colors and white skin They Preferred order, stability, honesty and balance over freedom and chaos though not in a tyrannical way which gives them a lawful good nature. They don't succumb to pride, greed, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth and lust. They have a lot of humility and compassion. Their race name vanguard is not actually a race or a group it's creed, ideal and geography dedicated to order, valor, diligence, honor, honesty, hope, labor (safe, free and hard-working labor), faith, loyalty, courage, bravery, justice and humility. They look like humans but are actually aliens much like dwarfs, elves, halflings and gnomes.

Plural race name[edit]

The vanguard



The Vanguard are a Brave and talented alien species that seeks to protect and defend the sick, helpless, weak, enslaved and starving of other races from tyrants, the swarm, corrupt corporations, corrupt governments, demons, devils, dragons, goblins and monsters and are much more honest about things. Their loyalty is unbreakable as they stand strong and have great courage and bravery. In there was no one of the vanguard that betray it for money or power and not even once a vanguard soldier, citizen or scientist have betrayed the vanguard Not for greed, not for gluttony and not for envy for their loyalty are an iron will.


The Vanguard are all Middle class and like to read literature they don't use any currency and it's government can live without a economy sort of like the na'vi from avatar and protoss from starcraft since they have Elemental mages that can use nature, water, fire, earth and air to create food, materials, power, energy sources and electricity. They have few forms of entertainment such as theaters, plays, novel books and parks. They’re architecture is a mix of Siberia and Chechnya. They wear red and blue futuristic medieval shirts and pants though no shirt has words or symbols on them. They have good taste in science fiction books and don't rely on corporations for their manufacturing. Their technology is more different than a normal humanity relying more on preserving life, vehicle transport, weapons and defense technology, super computers, architecture, agriculture, science and clothing rather than things such as medias, networks, artificial intelligence, satellites and teleportation. They don't have any left wing or right wing politics at all in fact they're nonexistent to them as they're on the libertarian's side of they political scale. The Vanguard's government and military colors are red and blue.


They are very good friends with Kitsunes, The Aleph order races, Jakuan, Elves, gnomes, lashuntas, vesk, orcs, catfolk, lizardfolk and dwarfs and are suspicious of androids and Despised corporates and Goblins because of them being thieves, criminals and savage beast and also despised Azlanti due to the corruption in the azlanti star empire.


Anduril the titan of order who is a ancient titan that protects the innocent and watches over the galaxy.




Super soldier heroes[edit]

The Vanguard have a hero class system who each class would play key roles in war, adventures and quests which are.

The Warden The warrior/fighter type of the 4 classes who fights with prowess, High damage and skilled tactics with deadly laser weapons like rifles, machine guns and assault rifles and heavy or medium or heavy power armor that is equal to plate armor and stronger than adamantine armor.

The Strider the rogue and ranger type of the 4 classes who uses stealth, long range combat, wild west fighting and guerilla tactics fighting with laser sniper rifles, pulse rifles and knives and decked in medium power armor that is equal to leather and stronger than dragon hide leather.

The Vigilant the wizard and sorcerer type of the 4 classes who uses elemental magic of earth, air, fire, water and nature, laser scout rifles and are suited up in light power armor equal to cloth power and 10 times stronger than regular cloth.

The Lawbringer the cleric of the 4 classes who is skilled in being the engineer and medic that is skilled weaponry such as laser SMGs, shotguns and drones, have healing devices and are suited up in heavy power armor equal to chain mail and stronger than mithril.


The Ava'teans came from the planet Rivalon along with the Tau'roa, the Sargran, the Agathians and the Corman who were all a human like races much like the species of the planet golarion such as elves and dwarfs however the Ava'teans and the other races were originally from the continent of Xolan but the dragons (who also inhabit the lands of Xolan) fought against the 5 races due to each race's technology, society and population progress and won and the races of Xolan fled to the continent of Haven when then the native orcs fought against the races and much like the dragons have won however this was not with a dark outcome the races eventually made peace with the orcs and together they live in perfect harmony and the races have made more technological progress such as space travel to the other two planets filled with life that are in Rivalon's star system, alchemy and over time the races created more technology, magics and science creating a ship device that makes the ship no longer need fuel and crystals that can powered power armors and laser weapons with unlimited power and no need to reload respectively. Eventually they discovered Star-slash drives which were equivalent to warp drives and travel to the Absalom station. During AG 295 Absalom station was nearly destroyed by a unethical mutagen outbreak caused by a Corman corporation called Blackstone who specialized in weapons development, bio-engineering and cybernetic enhancements Released the mutagen virus into the general populace turning them into the infected archetype zombies as a act of revenge against the starfinder society for exposing the Blackstone for unethical experiments, corporate espionage, extorting people and fraud. Luckily a group of Starfinder heroes manage to contain and destroyed the virus. In the aftermath many people demanded the pact worlds and the Syndicsguild that the Blackstone corporation be held responsible but unfortunately the government was to blind to lift a finger. Ultimately one Ava'tean faction known as the sons of Faros a independent military organization who are the precursor to the Vanguard began a rebellion against Blackstone overthrowing the government of Absalom and the corporation and forced them into exile eventually installing a monarchy with a libertarian system to Absalom station where the rich are no longer capable of running for control of the government, corporations are no longer welcome to Absalom station, security robots now protect the middle class and poor, the rich now have to pay 75% of taxes and there are no rich or poor districts. The Vanguard eventually resettled to the 3rd planet of the star system named faros and made the planet there Homeworld renamed named Ava'tist the Vanguard eventually thanks to alchemy created a serum with elvish plants, herbs and a substance called source that creates super soldiers giving them enhanced strength, speed, agility, wisdom, dexterity, endurance and intelligence and made them no longer hunger or thirst. However the leader of the vanguard father Aeroth knows the Blackstone is still out there somewhere wanting to get their revenge and in the meantime the vanguard are preparing for them. They vanguards are also capable of defeating the Azlanti empire such as the battle of Tor29 where the 501st, 98th and iron legions, 429th, 361 and 96 fleets led by the 3 flagships The defender, the Starborne and the Creedtruth, the renegades of joker squadron, the Silverhand order and Ragnar's rangers chapters deliver a devastated crushing blow to the Azlanti empire's military might that resulted in the death of Ulfric (son of Iorian), his two lord friends and Thorin (son of Yridela) which resulted in the collapse of the star empire and rise of 4 Azlanti splinter factions.


Vanguard names are a mixed of the following Yakut Siberian, Latin, Medieval welsh, Slavic mythology and Swedish (examples like Aeroth, Aykhal, vorhal, Alden, Calem, frodo and Sareth for males Skarlet, Kylen, Reyja, Kira, Cathey, and Alysara for females)


Common, science fantasy versions of Latin, Siberian, Russian, Swedish and welsh


Lawful Good

Racial Traits[edit]

super soldier might +1 Strength +1 Dexterity.

Perfected mind and body health Has immunity to psychic effects like mind control, illusions, hallucinations, blind and charm but not damage and also can't have mental Disorders.

Serum effect Immunity to the disease condition.

Trooper tactics +2 on light, medium and heavy armor and +2 on ranged and melee weapons.

Running speed is 30 Feet.

Vision is normal

HP is 13

Racial abilities[edit]

Rally cry (boost allies' attack modifier).

Favored Class Options[edit]

Soldier, mechanic, vanguard and Operative

Notable events[edit]

Ending the corruption=With the rise of rebels known as the sons of Faros the Ava'teans have finally made their first war victory which resulted the end of the unfairness in the Absalom station and made the station into a paradise for all races.

Star empire's fall=The vanguards and aleph order are the first two groups to be capable of defeating the Azlanti empire such as the battle of Tor29 where the 501st, 98th and iron legions, 429th, 361st and 96th fleets led by the 3 flagships The defender, the Starborne and the Creedtruth, the renegades of joker squadron, the Silverhand order and Ragnar's rangers chapters along side Aleph allies delivered a devastating crushing blow to the Azlanti empire's military might that resulted in the death of Ulfric (son of Iorian), his two lord friends and Thorin (son of Yridela) which resulted in the deaths of both Iorian and Yridela who both died from heartbroken and heirless which also caused the collapse of the star empire and gave rise to 4 Azlanti splinter factions one being the Ironguard who believes that cybernetic enhancement is the key to human superiority however this would result in the Azlanti losing their humanity being replace with metal shells and plastic tubes and the ironguard would capture other azlanti to forcibly turn them into cyborgs, another faction the Emerald militia believes that the Star empire should be led by a Battle harden, experienced, cunning and talented general not a fat lazy emperor or a ambassador however the militia would go against Azlanti traditions and culture and even commit illegal crimes such as drug smuggling, racketeering, domestic terrorism, gun running and use of stolen alien technology which was forbidden in the star empire's codex (basically anything that isn't FTL drives is forbidden), the 3rd faction the Magic confederacy believes that magic is power and that mages should led the Star empire however there is a divided civil war between divine magic users and arcane magic users within the magic confederacy and last but not least the Generation imperium who believes that the Azlanti people should evolve into a powerful species that would be superior to other races however they have been doing cruel things such as biological and psychological experiments on other Azlanti, assassinations on beloved star empire officials to replace them with imperium puppets and kidnappings.


This race was made because I play a lot of starfall online and also because of my passion for science fantasy, space opera and space fantasy genre with my favorite movie series being star wars with Episode 9 (my brother cried with joy and the audience clapped so it was the best movie in 2019 second only to avengers endgame) being my favorite and my favorite video games being F.E.A.R series and dawn of war 2 retribution This race I made is not effected by pride, greed and hunger because it’s nonexistent to them since magic can make food, metal and power. This a race is for a alternative starfinder universe called "Starfinder Dark conflict" it's a more mature themed saga about a 6 way war conflict between the pact worlds, azlanti star empire, the Veskarium, the swarm, the confederacy (an alien empire known as consisting of the Hel'Kang (a race that looks like the elites from halo), Cabal (who look like there name sake from destiny), Apex (a mix of separatist droids from star wars, vex from destiny, faro chariot corrupters and deathbringers from horizon zero dawn and omnics from overwatch)), the sectoids (who look like their namesake from xcom) and Ironstone (from my Vanguard (Starfinder Race) race wiki page I made in Pathfinder page of the D&D homebrew site you're reading right now) and the Eternal shadows (who looks like the dark makers from Jak 3) with Starfinder Dark conflict having more extra stuff like more races, classes, lore and some details hinting about some unexplained stuff like one being that the Absalom station was built before the gap. The Stellar league is a neutral faction between the 6 factions though the Stellar League is at war with the azlanti star empire remnants, the confederacy, the swarm and the Eternal shadows. Also I'm using this race for a video game series I'm making called Void star with my very own game engine I'm making also.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Vanguard Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
120 years 650 years 1050 years 1500 years
  1. At middle age, +0 to all. -0 to all
  2. At old age, +0 to all. -0 t0 all
  3. At venerable age, +0 to all. -0 to all
Table: Vanguard Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
18 years +2 +3 +4
Table: Vanguard Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5' 45" +0 180 lb. × (0) lb.
Female 5' 40" +0 90 lb. × (0) lb.


This is what a vanguard trooper looks like note I don't own this picture
This is the banner of the vanguard Note I don't own this picture

All pictures belong to their original holders and no copyright intended.

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