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Vampire Paragon[edit]

A vampire paragon is an ancient vampire of great power, in general they work alone but have been known in the past to join with other creatures of great power. (Note, this class is designed as an NPC class however as my group and I have been known to play in very high powered evil games I wanted there to be a level progression as well).

Making a Vampire Paragon[edit]

A Vampire Paragon is the embodiment of vampirism, the essence of its species concentrated into a single being.

Abilities: The abilities of a vampire focused into one being, the supreme being of the Vampire race.

Races: Vampire (with all normal starting vampire abilities from the vampire template)

Alignment: Any evil (Usually Lawful)

Starting Gold: 2d10×50 gp

Starting Age: Complex.

Table: The Vampire Paragon

Hit Die: D12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +2 +0 + 4 +2 All traits from the Vampire Template, Power of the First Seal, Sanguimancy level one
2nd + 3 + 0 + 4 +3 Memories through Blood, Evasion
3rd +4 +0 + 6 +4 Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed strike, Sanguimancy level two
4th +5 +0 +6 +4 Improved Blood Drain,
5th +6,1 +0 +6 +4 Gains the ability to use its hands as natural weapons. The nails of the hands have become hard and sharp dealing 4d8 (these may be considered as claws) additionally they count as adamantium for the purpose of bypassing hardness, Power of the second seal, Sanguimancy level three
6th +7,2 +0 +6 +4 At level six the Vampire Paragon no longer fears the sun and no longer needs to return to a coffin during the night, while in direct sunlight the Vampire Paragon counts as fatigued.
7th +8,3 +0 +7 +4 Wings of Night, Blindsight, Sanguimancy level four
8th +9,4 +0 +7 +4 Loses fast healing and gains Regeneration equal to 5 plus their Vampire Paragon level (bypassed by Holy damage), Improved Evasion
9th +10,5 +0 +8 +4 Blood Plane, Improved Natural Attack (increases to 6d8), Sanguimancy level five
10th +11,6,1 +0 +8 +4 Damage Reduction increases to 20/silver and magic, Power of the Third Seal
11th +12,7,2 +0 +9 +4 Improved Resistance, Resistance to turning +10, Sanguimancy level six
12th +13,8,3 +0 +10 +5 Form of Smoke
13th +14,9,4 +0 +10 +6 Sanguimancy level 7
14th +15,10,5 +0 +11 +7 Gift of the Night
15th +16,11,6,1 +0 +12 +8 Power of the Fourth Seal, Greater Teleport at will, Sanguimancy level eight, One with the Shadow
16th +17,12,7,2,1 +0 +13 +9 Immunity to Command/Rebuke Undead
17th +18,13,8,3,2 +0 +14 +10 Damage Reduction increases to 20/magic, Sanguimancy level nine
18th +19,14,9,4,3,1 +0 +15 +11
19th +20,15,10,5,4,1 +0 +15 +13
20th +20,15,10,5,5,5 +0 +20 +15 Darkness itself, Power of the Final Seal

Class Skills (5 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Balance, Bluff, Diplomacy, Hide, Intimidate, Listen, Move Silently,

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Vampire Paragon. Memories through Blood As the Vampire Paragon drains the last of it's victims blood, they see the life on the dying soul flash before their own eyes, it absorbs all of the creatures memories. When a Vampire Paragon reduces a creatures constitution store to zero they gain all knowledge and memories that the soul possessed.

Improved Blood Drain A normal vampires ability to drain life pales before that of the Vampire Paragon, at 4th level the vampires blood drain 2d6 constitution and restores hitpoints equal to 4 times damage dealt.

Wings of Night At eighth level the Vampire Paragon gains the ability to fly at will with perfect maneuverability at a speed of 120 feet.

Blood Plane At tenth level the Vampire Paragon creates a plane of blood. The plane of blood may vary from vampire to vampire but some constants will remain the same. The planes energy trait must be negative energy. Any and all forms of water within the plane are replaced by blood which sustains the vampire denizens of the plane. If drank by a non-vampire creature or by a vampire not native to the plane (one who does not serve the Vampire Paragon whose plane it is) they must make a DC 20 fortitude save (will save for non-affiliated vampires). The save DC increases by 5 per attempt and only resets after 24 hours outside of the Vampire Paragons plane of blood. At the center of the plane lies the Vampire Paragons coffin, where they will reform or retreat to upon being mortally wounded. They are at their most vulnerable while regenerating within the coffin.

Improved Resistance The resistances gained from the Vampire template increase to 20

Sanguimancy Blood is the stuff of life, this is especially true for vampires.Vampire Paragons use Sanguimancy allowing them to manipulate the blood of the fallen. Spilled blood will gravitate towards the Vampire Paragon with no regards for spatial constraints (it will flow uphill, across open space or down walls). The Vampire Paragon uses the blood of the fallen as fuel for his spells with each power point needed being one spilled hitpoint worth of blood. The Vampire Paragon can also hear and feel anything that is touching a source of blood that the Vampire Paragon is also in contact with.

Form of Smoke At level 12 the Vampire Paragon may attempt to make a reflex check whenever a ranged attack (magical or mundane) is shot at the vampire paragon they may attempt a DC 30 reflex save in order to turn a portion of their form into smoke allowing the attack to pass harmlessly through them.

Gift of the Night At fourteenth level the Vampire Paragon gains the ability to give vampirism to those whom have been defeated by the Vampire Paragon. The defeated creature's body dissolves into a pool of blood and appears to have been slain to all bystanders. However their soul has been taken unto the Vampire Paragons plane of blood where their consciousness forms a new body from the blood natural to the plane. Creatures who are taken this way gain the Vampire template and become completely loyal to the Vampire Paragon (has no effect on creatures with ECL greater than the Vampire Paragons class level, creatures of powerful faith may have their souls saved from this fate by their deity).

One with Shadow At fifthteenth level the Vampire Paragon gains the ability to become one with the Shadows themselves. They may do something awesome to be determined later.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Proficient with all simple and martial weapons. Proficient with Light Armor. Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization, longsword.



'' (Sp):

Sanguimancy level one

0 points: The blood of the innocent: A number of creatures equal to the Vampire Paragons class level with less than five hit dice bleed profusely from every opening. The blood loss is rapid taking one round for the afflicted creatures to bleed out completely.

5 points:

Sanguimancy level two 40 points: Blood Mist:

Sanguimancy level three

25 points: Simulacrum: The Vampire Paragon forms separate pools of blood into images of itself, these images will act as directed by the Vampire Paragon and act on the same initiative.

Sanguimancy level four 50 points:

Sanguimancy level five 50 points:Life through Sacrifice: The Vampire Paragon transfers the lifeblood of one being to another. The Vampire paragon uses the blood of the fallen to heal one ally for 3d8 + Vampire Paragon Level. The subject must make a DC 20 fortitude save or else be fatigued for 1d4 minutes.

Sanguimancy level six 100 points: Impale: The blood of the Fallen crystallizes into Giant spikes, each one impaling each enemy who is standing on or above the blood that coats the battlefield dealing 10D6 damage, all creatures may make a DC 25 reflex save in order to avoid being impaled, Creatures below five hit dice must make a DC 20 fortitude save or die from the impaling.

Sanguimancy level seven 0 Points: Sanguine Explosion: The Vampire Paragon points at a creature and snaps, the creature must make a DC 30 Toughness check or die instantly as its blood explodes from its veins adding its whole blood pool to what has already been spilled.

0 points: Form of Blood: The Vampire Paragon can turn its entire form into blood. While in this form if the Vampire Paragon is able to get into the veins of another creature it can control the movements of the creature from within (including the bodies of lacerated corpses).

Sanguimancy level eight

Sanguimancy level nine 1000 points: Blood calls to Blood: The Vampire Paragon uses the power of life itself to open a gate to the Vampire Paragons plane of blood. The gate can be held open as long as the Vampire Paragon chooses using the blood contained within the plane to hold open the gate and can be closed at will, the Gate may be used freely both ways.

Five Seals of the Old Gods (Su):

Power of the First Seal

Power of the Second Seal

Power of the Third Seal

Power of the Fourth Seal

Power of the Final Seal


--> :

Ex-Vampire Paragons[edit]


Vampire Paragon Starting Package[edit]

Subrace: Vampire.

Weapons: Longsword.

Skill Selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 4 + Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor

Bonus Feats: None other than those given by the Vampire Template.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Vampire Paragon[edit]

Religion: .

Other Classes: .

Combat: .

Advancement: .

Vampire Paragons in the World[edit]

How beautiful! Nights like this make me want to have a bite to drink. Yes... I couldn't imagine a more... perfect evening." - Alucard, Vampire Paragon

Notables: Alucard, Lilith, Caine

Organizations: Alone, with other powerful beings.

NPC Reactions: Normals NPC's will react to a Vampire Paragon in much the same way that they would to a normal vampire (should the realize what they are dealing with). Ordinary Vampires will react with a mixture of Fear and either Awe or Hatred.

Vampire Paragon Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge History can research Vampire Paragon to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
10 A vampire paragon is undead.
15 A vampire paragon is a vampire.
25 A vampire paragon is stronger than a normal vampire.
50 A Vampire Paragon is one of the progenitors of the vampire race, they are ancient beings of great power.

Vampire Paragons in the Game[edit]

Adaptation: .

Sample Encounter: .

EL whatever: .

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