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Vampire God[edit]

Well I suppose I'd be intimidated, if you were, well, intimidating!
—Alucard, Vampire God

This class is a variant class of the Vampire God in an attempt to rebalance the class for regular play. I realize it will still be an incredibly powerful and perhaps op class. I usually apply it to the big bad at the end of a campaign or to spice up an epic level setting. While it can be used in a non epic level setting you will quickly find yourself running out of things that could challenge the party as the Vampire God is supposed to represent the raw and unrelenting power of the Grave - a true unstoppable tide of death and destruction that is rivalled only by the most powerful beings in the cosmos. This variant is based and rebalanced to be compatible with the Complete Vampire Overhaul (3.5e Template). Also on a side note I do not use neg. levels or vampire spawn in my campaign but I will keep them in this build as many DM's use use them both and may not wish to part with them. I also take advantage of the age categories of vampires introduced in the Vampire Variant rules, but I tweaked it to be more compatible with the Vampire Overhaul and have removed the HD requirement to gain age categories.

Century old vampires tell stories of the famous Vampire Gods, Lords of blood and demise. Vampire Gods were vampires that evolved over the centuries and fed on the blood of hundreds, perhaps even thousands of mortals. This is when the change takes place. Vampires that realize how to control blood more fluidly, can gain incredible amounts of power if they master that flow. The strongest of the Vampire Gods was said to walk through sunlight with ease, survive the most brutal attacks and decapitations, and have said to have devoured armies of men.

Becoming a Vampire God[edit]

Only vampires, or more accurately undead that drink blood, can take this class. Vampires that take this class end up ordering hordes of their own kind, as they become one of the strongest vampires in the plane they reside on. Their powers are based on charisma, as most vampire abilities are. The next important ability scores would be Strength and Dexterity. Vampires that complete this class tend to be extremely cocky in their immortality, believing that they finally cannot die.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any Evil
Race: Undead Type (Or undead sub-type, if applicable)
Special: Must have the ability to drain blood. Must have drained the blood of at least 20 individuals and have created 15 spawn in one day.
Table: The Vampire God

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +0 +0 +2 Blood Memory, Imp. Blood Drain
2nd +2 +0 +1 +3 Blood Frenzy, Blood Plane
3rd +3 +1 +2 +4 Blood Life, Vampire Powers
4th +4 +2 +3 +5 Blood Prison, Blood Sacrifice
5th +5 +3 +4 +6 Vampire Prowess
6th +8 +6 +7 +9 Vampire Transcendence

Class Skills (5 + Cha modifier per level)
Concentration, Diplomacy, Listen, Move Silently.

Vampire Age Categories
Category Age (Years) 1
Spawn 0–500
Mature 501–1500
Greater 1501–2500
Old 2501–5000
Elder 5001–9999
Ancient 10000+
  • 1. Years as a vampire.
Vampire Age Bonus
Category Str
AC Bonus
Spawn +4 +4 +2 +2 +4 +6
Mature +8 +8 +4 +4 +8 +8
Greater +12 +12 +6 +6 +12 +10
Old +16 +16 +8 +8 +16 +12
Elder +20 +20 +10 +10 +20 +14
Ancient +26 +26 +14 +14 +26 +17

The benefits of each vampire age categories overlap, they do not stack. The Spawn category and stats represents the standard bonuses applied to a character when they become a vampire. Note: these stats are only for C Class Vampires.

Class Features[edit]

Blood Memory: As a Vampire God drinks the last drop of life from his victim, he see's the poor soul's life pass by his eyes. When a Vampire God drains a creature's constitution score to zero, it absorbs all of that creature's memories into him, learning everything that creature knew. The Vampire God gains a permanent +1 bonus to a skill for every 10 ranks the creature had in that skill or skills. The bonuses stacks from different creatures, but the Vampire God can only have a bonus maximum equal to 10X their Vampire God level, to a max of 50 absorbed skill points by Vampire God level 5. The Vampire God can choose what skills to learn.

Imp. Blood Drain: A Vampire God is better at draining blood then any other vampire. When a Vampire God drains Constitution, he adds his Cha modifier and an additional 1d4 to the amount of Constitution drained per round. It doesn't matter if the Constitution drain is from a blood drain ability or a spell, it affects any form constitution drain. Also, when a Vampire God drains Constitution, he recovers actual hit points, unless it would put him above his maximum, then he gains temporary hit points. 1 Con equals 3oz of blood.

Blood Frenzy: A Vampire God can enter a Blood Frenzy, similar, but not as limited to, a barbarian's rage ability. A Vampire God can only enter a blood frenzy when he has tasted blood in combat. When frenzied, a Vampire God gains +8 Strength and +4 Dexterity. He doesn't gain a Con increase, obviously, however he does gain a number of temporary hit points equal to twice his ECL. He gains +2 to all will saves, and a -4 Armour penalty due to the reckless nature of the Blood Frenzy. A Vampire God can enter a Blood Frenzy a number of times a day equal to his charisma modifier. He may end his rage prematurely, doing so disorients the vampire, just like being exposed to sunlight, for 1d4 rounds.

Blood Plane: A Vampire God learns how to hold the blood he absorbs in a stored state. This ability creates a type of plane, which is coexistent with the Vampire God. When a Vampire God wishes, or when he reaches 0 hit points, the Blood Plane releases a large amount of blood directly into the Vampire God's body, healing him. A Blood Plane can store an amount of hit points equal to double the Vampire God's total ECL times his Charisma score. So a Vampire God with an ECL of 15 and a Charisma score of 20, can have a maximum of 600 hit points in his Blood Plane. 6oz of blood drained or 2 con worth of blood grants the blood plain 1 blood point. The Blood Plane Ability can also use it's hit points to heal certain ailments such as bleeding, blindness, poison. A Vampire God can sacrifice 10 hit points from his Blood Plane to ignore the affects of sunlight each round, or similar affects. A Vampire God can use hit points from his blood plane as a free action. If a Vampire God is slain, his Blood Plane instantaneously activates, releasing enough hit points to bring the Vampire God back to full hp, or as much as the Blood Plane can should it not have enough points to bring him back to full hp. This ability can even bring a Vampire God back to full hit points even if it was destroyed by a turning affect. A wish, miracle, or similar affect can destroy a Vampire God's Blood Plane, but it reforms within 1d6 days. The blood plane can be freely entered by the Vampire God as a standard action that DOES provoke attacks of opportunity. The Vampire God can bring anyone that is willing and within reach into the Blood Plane with him. Whilst inside the blood plane the Vampire God becomes immune to all forms of turning/rebuking. A Vampire God is at it's most destructive at this level. This is when a Vampire God becomes known, as most of them begin drinking whole villages to fill up their Blood Plane.

Vampire Powers: As a Vampire God grows stronger a number of its natural abilities increase. A Vampire God gains a +4 to all ability scores except Con. It's regeneration, damage reduction, natural armour, and turn resistance increases by 10. Furthermore A Vampire God gains the ability to endure sunlight, making him able to travel up 4 hours in sunlight without harm. All other sunlight spell effects still effect a Vampire God normally. The Vampire God can now hold twice as much blood from feeding than a regular Vampire and can now control quadruple their current HD of vampire spawns. A Vampire God's energy drain now does 4 negative levels and for each negative level bestowed a Vampire God gains 10 temporary hit points. A Vampire God can use energy drain twice per round.

Blood Life: A Vampire God learns how to harness the blood he drinks. A Vampire God gains a permanent +1 bonus to his total hit points for every 50 Con or 150oz of blood the Vampire God drains/drinks. The bonus stack from different creatures, but a Vampire God can never gain more then 10x their Vampire God level to a max of 50 bonus hp at 5th level.

  • Note to DM's: feel free to increase/decrease the maximum bonus hp or increase/decrease the requirement to gain the bonus hp

Blood Sacrifice: A Vampire God can permanently sacrifice blood from his max HP, can include HP gained from Blood Life ability, to a blood plane controlled by another Vampire God in order to receive more power. For every 500 HP the Vampire God sacrifices he is granted +1 Cha to a max of 20. When ever the Vampire God reaches 1000, 2000, 3000 etc. HP donated he gains +1 to all his attributes to a max of 10. When a Vampire God sacrifices 10 000 HP he no longer is able to sacrifice blood to that God but is granted the ability to create Vampire Familiars like the Vampire Pure Bloods but may only create 1/4 of his Cha Modifier in familiars. If a Vampire God makes a pact with another Vampire Deity however the blood required to sacrifice to gain the effect is doubled and the total number is halved per each Deity the Vampire God makes a pact with. eg. 2nd pact requires 1000 HP to gain 1 Cha to a max of 5. Can have pacts with no more than 3 deities. When you reach 10000 HP with the additional Deities you gain a feat and the ability to control an additional 1d4+1 Familiars. Blood donated to a Vampire God via this ability is permanently added to their HP as if by the Blood Life Ability.

  • Note to DM's" Feel free to invent your own rewards or to tweak the numbers to better fit your campaign

Vampire Prowess: A Vampire is more powerful then other beings, but Vampire Gods are more powerful then that. This ability has several affects. A Vampire God is no longer affected by the normal vampire weaknesses, or any weakness his race has; such as no longer being affected by holy symbols or garlic. The Blood stored in his Blood Plane is enough to protect him from any injury or ailment including petrification or decapitation, however in an event such as the two previously stated a Vampire God must use a number of blood points from his blood plane equal to two-thirds of his max HP to negate the effect. Any damage done to the Vampire God is automatically negated by one point in his blood plane, excluding damage done by holy, anti-vamp and fire which can be negated by a number of blood points equal to half the total damage. At this stage the Vampire God's blood plain fills at a slower pace. Every 10 Con drained equals 1 blood point. Secondly, a Vampire God gains a virtual age category - Vampires who are already ancient gain +5 to all attributes, damage reduction, natural armour and spell resistance. The Vampire God's regeneration doubles and their damage reduction increases by 50% and becomes: +5, fire, anti-vampire. Finally, were the Vampire God ever to be destroyed and his Blood Plane empty, his consciousness is instead transported to his Blood Plane where his body reforms in 1d4 days by the last drops of blood inside it. During this time the Vampire God is vulnerable as this is the one time a Vampire God's Blood Plane can be transported to via plane shift (See Below). If a Vampire God is slain in his Blood Plane, he dies permanently. A Vampire God gains additional turn resistance equal to his Vampire God level + his charisma modifier + 4, which stacks with all other kinds of turn resistance. Staking no longer affects Vampire Gods as it does other members of it's species.

Blood Prison: A Vampire God of is a terror to behold. Not only can he absorb memories, but entire people. When a Vampire God drains a creature's constitution to zero, having drained a minimum of 1 pint of blood(16oz or 5 con), the creature's body, and possessions turn to dust. Or appear to, in reality they were transported to the Vampire God's Blood Plane. The creature gets no save, as he's dead. The creature becomes a slave, or thrall, to the Vampire God. It keeps all it's stats, but it alignment shifts to match the Vampire God. Relics and Artifacts get a will save against the plane shift. The creature can't be resurrected while he's under the Vampire God's command. As a Full Round Action, the Vampire God may sacrifice a number of hit points from his Blood Plane equal to the creature's ECL, to summon him in an adjacent square. The creature serves him faithfully, and returns to the Blood Plane when lowered below 0 hit points. The creature can't be summoned again until it's hit points regenerate fully, at a rate of 2 per round. A Vampire God can't use this ability on someone with a higher charisma score then the Vampire God, if it has more than 2/3 the Vampire Gods HD. A Vampire God can summon a number of creatures at once, but only if their total ECL doesn't exceed his own. Meaning that a significantly powerful Vampire God could summon an army in moments. Freeing someone from the Blood Prison so they can be resurrected involves going to the Blood Plane and killing the person there.

  • Note on Blood Prison: If you feel as a player that your Vampire God should be powerful enough to consume/enslave the souls of his fallen foes regardless of their power or level, and your DM gives their approval, than feel free to waive the restriction*

Vampire Transcendence.

NOTE This final ability of the Vampire God is incredibly powerful and much more so than any of the other abilities gained by the Vampire God class, should only be used in an epic campaign. It was inspired by the Paragon Template within the Epic level handbook.

All the powers of a vampire God have prepared him for this, the moment when a Vampire God truly becomes God-like in it's power. To gain this level the Vampire God must put aside 150 000 experience, as the experience he has already gained may not be used in the calculation of this level. Once the Vampire God has reached 150 000 experience he must meditate within his blood plane for 60d10 years. Once the meditation is complete he must feed on blood of 1000 people he has imprisoned within his blood plane via. the blood prison ability, thus destroying their souls in the process. After which he will become a transcended Vampire.

Physical Changes The Vampire God will gain 3d6+2(minimum of 8) to all attributes and will become immune to all forms of turning and rebuking. His gaze attack will become a dominate spell that can be used verbally as well- affecting any that can hear the Vampire God's voice. This dominate even affects Vampires. To affect Pureblood Vampires roll a d4, if 4 the Pureblood falls under you control as if by the dominate spell. Pureblood Vampire Gods as well as other Transcended Vampires are immune to this effect. All those who catch his gaze or hear his voice -be it human, animal, or vampire take a -5 to their will save. He gains 10 to his natural armour and deflection ac. The vampire God becomes immune to the additional damage of fire, and completely immune to both holy damage and non-epic anti-vampire weapons/spells (ie. +6 weapons or greater to harm him). The vampires immunity to material weapons now include +5(100% immunity), +6(75%) and +7(50%). He than gains damage reduction 30/--. A transcended Vampire will also be able to add their Cha modifier to all saving throws and skill checks they make. This however does not stack with a purebloods ability to do so. Purebloods will instead gain a +10 to all saves. And finally the vampire God gains +15 to attack and damage rolls. He also gains +5 to all spell slots including cleric and domain spells.

Non-Physical Changes The Vampire God gains the ability to create Vampire Familiars at will like a pureblood and can control up to 10X his HD in spawn. Their vampiric telekinesis becomes the equivalent of caster level 20 as an at will spell-like-ability. The also gain the ability to use the control weather spell and the fog cloud spell at will, these spells however take effect in 1d4-1 rounds. They may have as many resting places as they want as the requirement is now only that they have a handful of dirt from their homeland. The Vampire God becomes capable of casting up to 8th level spells with his blood magic and only pays 5+5 HP per spell level which may now be taken out of their blood plane instead of their own natural HP.

Durability When destroyed they will be revived in 10d6 hours by the last drops in their blood plane - if they are destroyed within the blood plane they are not truly destroyed but their corpse will simply be ejected back into the material plane. The Vampire God will return to "life" 1d4 hours after the sun sets via it's corpse entering it's mist form and than proceeds to it's nearest resting place to recover. When it reaches a resting place it can be fully regenerated and back to full power in 1d10+1 rounds. The only way to make sure that a Vampire God does not return is to cut its head from its body, burn the body and the head separately, scatter the ashes from the body over running water, immerse the ashes from the head in holy water, and bury the immersed ashes in consecrated ground. However, if the head ashes are ever unearthed and separated from the holy water via a wish or miracle spell, dried for an hour, and then subjected to an unhallow spell, the vampire lord can regenerate in a 6d6 hours if the ashes are placed inside one of its places of rest or 2d6 days if not.

Blood Plane. The Blood Plane is a Finite Plane. The size of the blood plane equals 4 sq/meters per the maximum amount of hit points the Vampire can store in it. Eg. a blood plane that can hold 600 blood points equals 2400 sq/meters. This number however is up to the DM. However, inside the blood plane a Vampire God is, well, god. He can control the panes as the Divinely Morphic trait, while everyone else treats the plane as Alterable Morphic. The Vampire God is not only capable of freely manipulating the plane as a Divine Morphic trait but may also change the Elemental and Energy Traits and the Magic Traits of their plane at will. Physical changes such as altering objects, creatures, landscape and the material they are made of occurs within a round. The changing of an object into another, or even into people is done as if by the Polymorph Any Object spell(20th lvl). This Polymorph spell however bypasses Spell Resistance and the subject takes a -10 to their save against the change - the duration is permanent and can be used to polymorph an object into anything such as a rock into platinum or an iron sword into a frog. Altering the Elemental or Energy Traits as well as the Magic Traits of the plane takes 5 rounds for the changes to take place. Even though a Vampire God becomes immune to all forms of turning/rebuking whilst inside the blood plane a Vampire God is most vulnerable here, as his regenerative qualities are halved and he can only take a standard action each round while regenerating. He does however have guards, anyone the Vampire God has imprisoned with his Blood Prison ability that isn't regenerating hit points can rise to the Vampire God's aid within 1 round. Travelling to the Blood Plane is normally impossible. When the Vampire God is regenerating a Plane Shift spell can transport people there, otherwise it takes a wish or miracle spell.

Creating/Morphing Objects Within the Blood Plane Vampire Gods have the power to change ANYTHING within their plane, they however can not do so on a whim and must know roughly how to do so. For example the Vampire God can not just create a super advanced mechanical trap if he doesn't know anything about traps nor has he even seen an advanced trap. He could however turn a pebble into a longsword but unless he has knowledge in crafting weapons he can not make it a master work weapon. All changes occur 1 round after the Vampire God initiates the change unless otherwise stated.

Transmutation Nature The Vampire God can create any natural or non-natural material at will and/or change one material to another. The Vampire God must have basic knowledge of the material. Basic materials such as rock, trees, water, etc. do not require knowledge as they are presumed to be general knowledge and are encountered in everyday life. Materials such as dead iron, cold iron, mithryl, adamantium, white dark iron, etc. must be studied for 3d4 hours before making a DC 40 intelligence check to memorize the material properties- after which the material can be used/made freely with no penalty. If the Vampire God fails this check than time required to study the material becomes 2d4 hours and the check becomes DC 37, if the check is failed again he must study for 1d4-1 hours and the check becomes DC 34. The Vampire God can take a 10 when doing these checks. If a Vampire God has studied adamantium and memorized it's properties he may, for example, turn an entire mountain into adamantium. More deviously the Vampire God could study anti magic like materials such as dead iron or white dark iron and could turn all the ground of his realm into such a material, thus eliminating a mage's ability to use spells(whilst in contact with the ground).

NOTES "Minor" changes like turning the realms air into carbon monoxide or into water happens instantly with no check. Checks are only made when preforming a complex action or creation. If a character has or ever had a +4 weapon, for example, than the Vampire God can create a +3 weapon or lesser without a check and a +4 item at the same check that would be required to make the base item.

  • The DC's are set high to prevent a relatively weak('low' level) Vampire God form turning a handful of rocks into a dozen adamantium golems, whilst an ancient and powerful (epic level+) Vampire God may do just that.
  • The constructs of this realm can not be taken out of the blood plane. Example the Vampire God cant turn his armies iron weapon and armour into adamantium and summon them to the physical world with that gear

Super Note Once I have an idea on how to approach it, I will make it so changing the Blood Planes Traits as well as creating/polymorphing/transmutating things within the plane will be permanant(until he again changes them) and will cost blood points. Once this is implemented I will allow created item to be freely able to leave the blood plane (as they will have been paid/crafted with blood points as an expendable resource) - until which time created items can not leave the plane.

Ex-Vampire Gods[edit]

Campaign Information[edit]

Vampire Gods are rare. They usually come up in times of war between mortals and vampires. The requirement that a vampire must drink several mortals dry usually angers any civilized vampire society. Vampire tyrants usually become Vampire Gods, as the Blood Prison allows them to take on even more thralls. With the idea of immortality, some sorcerers or wizards volunteer to become vampires in hopes of becoming a Vampire God. There have been rare, VERY rare, occurrences of beings other then vampires becoming Vampire Gods. As anything with the undead type and blood drain ability can do it. Ancient stories tell of a lich with flesh crafted vampire teeth, that followed the course of the Vampire Gods.

Playing a Vampire God[edit]

Combat: Vampire Gods are skilled combatants, while they don't replace sorcerers or fighters, they do make very powerful allies.

Advancement: Many Vampire Gods already have other classes, such as fighter or sorcerer. A Vampire God who has taken levels in fighter or sorcerer may benefit from the reduced experience requirement some Bloodlines have. Such as the Quarra or Aundae who gain experience faster in warrior and magical related classes respectively.

Resources: Vampire Gods either lead vampire groups, or are hunted by them.

Vampire Gods in the World[edit]

God killing you just seems boring at this point. I might let you go... PSYCH! Im thirsty!

NPC Reactions: Non-vampires tend to react the same way to Vampire Gods as they do with any vampire.

Vampire God Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (Nature) can research Vampire Gods to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

<-the appropriate skills->
DC Result
11 Vampire Gods are powerful vampires with strange blood related abilities.
16 Vampire Gods control negative energy more fluidly, and are extremely dangerous when grappled.
21 Vampire Gods have a plane of existence tied to them full of blood, which regenerates them and serves as their home.
26 Vampire Gods vanish into their Blood Plane when killed, and anyone they kill with Blood Drain becomes their slave without becoming a vampire. Knowledge of a specific Vampire God.

Vampire Gods in the Game[edit]

Npc Vampire Gods will usually be antagonists to good or neutral aligned groups.

Adaptation: <-Fitting this class in your campaign->

Sample Encounter: <-DM placement for NPC of this class->

EL whatever: <-Encounter scenario and character info on sample NPC including stat block. The CR of the NPC is typically the same as the EL for the encounter->

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