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Vampire God[edit]

Well I suppose I'd be intimidated, if you were, well, intimidating!
—Alucard, Vampire God

Centuary old vampires tell stories of the famous Vampire Gods, Lords of blood and demise. Vampire Gods were vampires that were so powerfull, they fed on the blood of hundreds, of thousands of mortals. This is when the change takes place. Vampires that realize how to control blood more fluidly, can gain incredible amounts of power if they master that flow. The strongest of the Vampire Gods was said to walk through sunlight with ease, survive the most brutal attacks and decapitations, and have said to have devoured armies of men.

Becoming a Vampire God[edit]

Only vampires, or more accurately undead that drink blood, can take this class. Vampires that take this class end up ordering hordes of their own kind, as they become one of the strongest vampires in the plane they reside on. Their powers are based on charisma, as most vampire abilities are. The next important ability scores would be strength and dexterity. Vampires that complete this class tend to be extremely cocky in their immortality, believing that they finally cannot die.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any
Race: Vampire
Special: Must have reached the eighth and final level of Vampire Lord.
Feats: Improved Turn Resistance, Positive Energy Resistance

Table: The Vampire God

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +0 +0 +2 Blood Memory, Imp. Blood Drain
2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 Blood Frenzy, Blood Plane
3rd +2 +1 +1 +3 Vampire Powers
4th +3 +1 +1 +4 Blood Prison
5th +3 +1 +1 +4 Vampire Prowess

Class Skills (5 + Int modifier per level)
Balance, Climb, Tumble.

Class Features[edit]

Blood Memory: As a Vampire God drinks the last drop of life from his victim, he see's the poor soul's life pass by his eyes. When a Vampire God drains a creature's constitution score to zero, it absorbs all of that creature's memories into him, learning everything that creature knew. The Vampire God gains a permanent +1 bonus to any knowledge or craft skill for every 10 ranks the creature had in the skill. The bonuses stacks from different creatures, but the Vampire God can never have a bonus higher then his Vampire Lord level in any one knowledge or craft skill, to a maximum of 5 at 5th level.

Imp. Blood Drain: A Vampire God is better at draining blood then any other vampire. When a Vampire God drains Constitution, he adds his Vampire God levels to the amount of Constitution drained per round. It doesn't matter if the Constitution drain is from a blood drain ability or a spell, it affects any type constitution drain. Also, when a Vampire God drains Constitution, he recovers actual hit points, unless it would put him above his maximum, then he gains temporary hit points.

Blood Frenzy: A Vampire God can enter a Blood Frenzy, similar, but not as limited to, a barbarian's rage ability. A Vampire God can only enter a blood frenzy when he has tasted blood in combat. When frenzied, a Vampire God gains +8 Strength and +4 Dexterity. He doesn't gain a Con increase, obviously, however he does gain a number of temporary hit points equal to twice his ECL He gains +2 to all will saves, and a -2 Armor penalty. A Vampire God can enter a Blood Frenzy a number of times a day equal to his charisma modifier. He may end his rage prematurely, doing so disorients the vampire, just like being exposed to sunlight, for 1d4 rounds.

Blood Plane: A Vampire God learns how to hold the blood he absorbs in a stored state. This ability creates a type of plane, which is coexistent with the Vampire God. This plane contains only blood, and at times the vampires sentience. When a Vampire God wishes, or when he reaches 0 hit points, the Blood Plane releases a large amount of blood directly into the Vampire God's body, healing him. A Blood Plane can store an amount of hit points equal to the Vampire God's total ECL times his Charisma score. So a Vampire God with an ECL of 15 and a Charisma score of 20, can have a maximum of 300 hit points in his Blood Plane. The Blood Plane Ability can also use it's hit points to heal certain ailments. A Vampire God can sacrifice 10 hit points from his Blood Plane to ignore the affects of sunlight each round, or similar affects. A Vampire God can use hit points from his blood plane as a free action. If a Vampire God is slain, his Blood Plane instantaneously activates, releasing enough hit points to bring the Vampire God to his maximum hit points. This ability can even bring a Vampire God back to full hit points even if it was destroyed by a turning affect. A wish, miracle, or similar affect can destroy a Vampire God's Blood Plane, but it reforms within 1 week. A Vampire God is at it's most destructive at this level. This is when a Vampire God becomes known, as most of them begin drinking whole villages to fill up their Blood Plane.

Vampire Powers: As a Vampire God grows stronger a number of its natural abilities increase. A Vampire God gains a +2 to all ability scores except Con. Fast healing, damage reduction, natural armor, resistance, and turn resistance increases by 5. A Vampire God energy drain now does 4 negative levels. For each negative level bestowed a Vampire God gains 10 temporary hit points.

Vampire Prowess: A Vampire is more powerful then other beings, but Vampire Gods are more powerful then that. This ability has several affects. A Vampire God is no longer affected by the normal vampire weaknesses, or any weakness his race has. The Blood stored in his Blood Plane is enough to protect him from any injury or ailment including petrification. Secondly, a Vampire God's natural abilities increase. He gains +2 to all ability scores except Con. His Fast Healing turns into regeneration, and his damage reduction no longer affected by its weaknesses. Finally, were the Vampire God ever to be destroyed and his Blood Plane empty, his consciousness is instead transported to his Blood Plane where his body reforms in 1d4 days by the last drops of blood inside it. During this time the Vampire God is vulnerable however, this is the one time a Vampire God's Blood Plane can be transported to via plane shift (See Below). If a Vampire God is slain in his Blood Plane, he dies. A Vampire God gains additional turn resistance equal to his Vampire God level + his charisma modifier, which stacks with all other kinds of turn resistance.

Blood Prison: A Vampire God of is a terror to behold. Not only can he absorb memories, but entire people. When a Vampire God drains a creature's constitution to zero, having drained a minimum of 5 of is Con score, the creature's body, and possessions turn to dust. Or appear to, in reality they were transported to the Vampire God's Blood Plane. The creature gets no save, as he's dead. The creature becomes a slave, or thrall, to the Vampire God. It keeps all it's stats, but it alignment shifts to match the Vampire God. Relics and Artifacts get a will save against the plane shift. The creature can't be resurrected while he's under the Vampire God's command. As a Full Round Action, the Vampire God may sacrifice a number of hit points from his Blood Plane equal to the creature's ECL, to summon him in an adjacent square. The creature serves him faithfully, and returns to the Blood Plane when lowered to 0 to -10 hit points. The creature can't be summoned again until it's hit points regenerate, at a rate of 5 per round. A Vampire God can't use this ability on someone with a higher charisma score then the Vampire God, or someone that the Vampire God can't summon because its ECL is higher then the Vampire God's. A Vampire God can summon a number of creatures at once, but only if their total ECL doesn't exceed his own. Meaning that a significantly powerful Vampire God could summon an army in moments. Freeing someone from the Blood Prison so they can be resurrected involves going to the Blood Plane and killing the person there.

Blood Plane: The Blood Plane is a Finite, Timeless Plane. The size of the blood plane usually depends on the maximum amount of hit points the Vampire can store in it. This is up to the DM. However, inside the blood plane a Vampire God is, well, god. He can control it as the Divinely Morphic trait, while everyone else treats the plane as Alterable Morphic. A Vampire God is most vulnerable here, and can only take a standard action each round while regenerating. He has guards, anyone the Vampire God has imprisoned with his Blood Prison ability that isn't regenerating hit points can rise to the Vampire God's aid. Travelling to the Blood Plane is normally impossible. When the Vampire God is regenerating a Plane Shift spell can transport people there, otherwise it takes a wish or miracle spell.

Ex-Vampire God[edit]

Campaign Information[edit]

Vampire Gods are rare. They usually come up in times of war with mortals and vampires. The requirement that a vampire must drink several mortals dry usually angers any civilized vampire society. Vampire tyrants usually become Vampire Gods, as the Blood Prison allows them to take on even more thralls. With the idea of immortality, some sorcerors or wizards volunteer to become vampires in hopes of becoming a Vampire God. There have been rare, VERY rare, occurences of beings other then vampires becoming Vampire Gods. As anything with the undead type and blood drain ability can do it. Ancient stories tell of a lich with flesh crafted vampire teeth, that followed the course of the Vampire Gods.

Playing a Vampire God[edit]

Combat: Vampire Gods are skilled combatants, while they dont replace sorcerors or fighters, they do make very powerful allies.

Advancement: Many Vampire Gods already have other classes, such as fighter or sorceror.

Resources: Vampire Gods either lead vampire groups, or are hunted by them.

Vampire Gods in the World[edit]

God killing you just seems boring at this point. I might let you go... PSYCH! Im thirsty!

NPC Reactions: Non-vampires tend to react the same way to Vampire Gods as they do with any vampire.

Vampire God Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (Nature) can research Vampire Gods to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
11 Vampire Gods are powerful vampires with strange abilities.
16 Vampire Gods control blood flow more fluidly, and are dangerous when grappled.
21 Vampire Gods have a plane of existence tied to them full of blood, which regenerates them.
26 Vampire Gods vanish into their Blood Plane when killed, and anyone they kill with Blood Drain becomes their slave without becoming a vampire. Knowledge of a specific Vampire God.

Vampire Gods in the Game[edit]

Npc Vampire Gods will usually be antagonists to good or neutral aligned groups.


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