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Co-created by: MarioMariox2. See "discussion" tab for details.

Daybreak Vampire[edit]

A unique and rare type of human-vampire whose abilities change with the time of day.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'6"-6'2"
Average Weight: 120 lb-220 lb
Ability Scores: Day: WIS, CHA, and INT +2, STR, DEX, and CON -3 Night: STR, CON, and DEX +2, INT, WIS, and CHA -3
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares squares
Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common, choice of one other language
Skill Bonuses: Day: +2 Insight, Arcane, and Perception; Night: +2 Acrobatics, Stealth, Intimidate
Blood Frenzy: When bloodied on a successful attack, gain HP equal to your healing surge value.
Night Fury: When bloodied at night, you can only use basic attacks, but +3 to speed.
Vampiric Skin: If you get hit by a non-magic weapon (projectiles included), roll a d20. If the number is 15-19, you take half damage. If the number is 20 you take no damage.
Remnants of Humanity: Actions that require skill checks have DC reduced by the modifier it requires during the daytime.

Deathly Glare vampire Racial Power
You use your otherworldly gaze to strike a sense of paralyzing fear into your target.
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Ranged 5
Requirement: Target must have eyes.
Target: One creature
Attack: Intimidate Vs. Will
Hit: Target is Immobilized. (Save ends)
Miss: You become Helpless and Slowed until your next turn.
Special: You can only use this at night. Becomes an encounter power at Level 11 and an At-Will power at Level 21.

Blood Bank vampire Racial Power
Succumbing to vampiric instincts, you drain the blood out of a victim, and gain health out of it, at a cost...
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Melee
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity Vs. Reflex
Hit: During daylight: 1d6; During the night: 1d10
Special: Becomes 2d6/ 1d12 at Level 11 and 2d10/ 2d12 at Level 21. On hit, you are immobile until the end of your next turn.

Play a Vampire if you want...

  • To have differing play-styles based on time.
  • To be a member of a race that favors multi-classes.


Mysterious and dark, Vampires are creatures of the twilight, the boundary of both light and dark and are unaligned to good or evil. Vampyres have red pupils at night and chalky complexions, reverting to a human color in the daytime. They fit anywhere were humans and other races dwell as nearly all of them started off as such. As a kind Vampyre, they retain their human moralities and will fight to protect allies and friends from danger. As an evil Vampyre, their darkness is amplified, stopping at nothing to replace all life with that of their own.

Playing as Vampires[edit]

Playing as a Vampire is unique from all other variations of "vampire"--you must rely more on strategic attacks, due in part to the fact that your abilities vary between the times of day. In sunlight your human intellect shows, perfect for a magic-based attacker and dungeoneering to avoid traps and solve puzzles. At night, however, the vampiric instinct takes control; physical abilities surge but your movements will lack thought. Vampyres also sport a minor regenerative trait when bloodied so when used superbly in combination with their speed in a nighttime desperation, you can show off what people would say is the "immortality" and superhuman ferocity of their vampiric sides.

Vampire Characteristics: Cunning, fast, strong, powerful, and charismatic

Male Names: Any

Female Names: Any

Vampire Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Vampire adventurers are described below.

During the day, Drake is a mild mannered lawyer. For some odd reason, he has never lost a case for any of his clients. As soon as his eyes meet the judges, he acquits the defendant. But at night time, he becomes ill mannered and hostile even to his close friends. While during the middle of the day he doesn't seem all too strong at all, during the night it seems as if he's ripped with muscle. He becomes slightly taller and his frame becomes a bit bulkier. Taking a direct glare from him, even freezes the insides of the bravest men.

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