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Design Note: Creatures are currently using the 5e creature template, will create a unique creature template once I understand the ones we already have.

Non-Equipment Objects[edit]

Generally, celestial bodies should have 315 hit points per mile in radius. Celestial bodies regain 1/10th of their maximum hit points at the end of each round as pieces coalesce back into the main body. After a celestial body is reduced to 0 hit points, creatures have 5 minutes to get off the planet before taking force damage equal to the body's maximum hit points as it collapses. If the body is reduced to its hit point minimum, this damage is dealt immediately.

Name Hit Points
Non-Equipment Spaceship 75,000
Dwarf Planet 132,300
Moon 340,200
Planet 1,250,000
Sun 151,874,190

Sturdiness by Material[edit]

Name Sturdiness
Paper 1
Glass 2
Metal 25
Electronics 18
Plastic 12
Organic Material 8

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