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Dragon Ball: Grand Tour[edit]

Two warriors faced one another, a powerful demon and a fierce warrior with a pure heart. To most, the battle would be nothing more than a massive wave of invisible pressure, but the two know better. With innumerable blows, beams of fighting energy capable of obliterating planets, transformations that massively increase their fighting potential, and plenty of powering up and shouting, only one remains. Welcome to the world of Dragon Ball.

This game is intended to be a true-to-form adaptation of the legendary Shōnen Jump manga spanning from Son Goku’s training by his adoptive grandfather to his apparent final death at Omega Shenron, and perhaps things even beyond. As such, the obvious route of character progression may seem heavily unbalanced, but any race can become just as powerful as any other. Be prepared for big numbers and lots of percentage dice.

Game System Information[edit]

Player's Guide
The saiyans may be a proud warrior race, but they’re not the only race, no matter how Toriyama writes.
So you know WHO you are, now let’s make something out of it.
Equipment is always fun and all, but when your destroying planets it becomes more about pride than function. Luckily, this isn’t Z-only, so expect a solid amount use in lower-level campaigns.

Secrets the Wiki Keeps from You
From the planet Arlia to the endless bounds of Snake Way to the harsh depths of the Demon Realm, we have it all.
What’s an RPG without a story?
Living creatures that inhabit this strange multiverse.

Supreme Kai's Guide
Games need rules, and where better to find them?
Random Encounters
Exactly what it says on the tin. Random encounters to throw at your players.
Dragon Ball Wiki
Lore and universe beyond how it interacts with the players will not be covered in this system. Instead, refer to this external wiki.
The Archive
Stuff that we didn't want to throw out but need to either organize or reevaluate.
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