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A dark, dreary continent lives under the shadow of a floating island, Libern, populated by near-mythical magicians. On the ground, the people live scarred from a magical attack, originating from the city in the sky, that nearly destroyed them. They still live in near-anarchy except in pocket-sized highly populated areas.

This is a world of strange, mind-boggling creatures, cities sending their citizens to be killed by the hundreds to appease a dauntingly powerful ruler, and looking for enough safe to drink water.

The main tropes are Swords and Sorcery, After the End, and a variation of I Love Nuclear Power.

At the moment, this campaign setting needs a lot of additions, which I'm working my tail off to add. If you want to suggest anything, go to the discussion on this page for now

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

A quick look at what classes are in Unica and how they each fit in.
Various gear, goods, equipment and magical items available to characters.
Information on spells and enchantments, as well as the nature, uses and practices of magic.
Descriptions of the races within Unica and how they interact with one another and the rest of the world.
An examination of Unica's pantheon of gods, their common appearances, their attributions, their practices of worship and how they commonly interact with the world
Factions and Organizations
Detailed information of the different groups of Unica and how they all interact with each other and the rest of the world.

World of Unica

An examination of monsters and beasts in Unica and how they've adapted to the world
The common calendar and holidays of Unica
Unica's interactions and connections with the broader multiverse and planes.
The World & Locales
The world of Unica and the nations cultures and peoples within it
The broad history of Unica, divided into general eras
A quick look at common societal trends and laws found in the world of Unica.

Dungeon Master's Guide

A general explanation of Unica and the general world building mindset, along with various outside resources and examples to use as references in developing a campaign or understanding the world, as well as a to-do list.
Artifacts of great power and importance
General maps for the DM's use.
Variant Rules
Optional rules for DMs to implement while playing a campaign in Unica.
Adventures & Tables
Ideas for quests, dungeons, campaigns and conflicts. Also, tables for random encounters and other things.
Adding to the World of Unica
A page for submitting ideas, advice and anecdotes from your campaigns for the development of Unica

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