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Tirisfal Glades[edit]

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Once the homeland of the humans of Lordaeron, now the homeland of the Forsaken. It has got three Key Towns: Brill, a small town in the zone; and Undercity, capital city of the Forsaken. The storyline beginst in Deathknell. After you have just been resurrected as a Forsaken you get the task to slay a couple Zombies who couldn't be saved in time. After that you retrieve some corpses while killing more Scourge to practice combat. You also need to convince Lilian Voss inside the large inn in Deathknell that she is undead and not living anymore. Also word reaches that a small group of undead who didn't choose to join the Dark Lady have gathered in a small camp nearby. Your mission is to go there and take out their leader: Marshal Redpath. Next you are send to Solliden Farmstead to hunt the Scarlet Crusade and their civilians. You also find a letter, telling you a prisoner was taken. Upon investigation you find Lilian Voss getting executed, because her father, High Priest Benedictus Voss, ordered to do so. She escapes and starts the hunt on the Scarlet Crusade. Next you help with some experiments to turn the living into obeying scourge. At Garren's Haunt Captain Dargol raised the ancestors of the Agamands to help them fight against Forsaken, you are send in to stop them. Next you travel North to fight against the Scarlet Crusade, where you bring Lilian Voss to her father. She was a undead killer created by the Scarlet Crusade, but now she is out for vengeance. She kills her father. Next you are send to Silverpine Forest.

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