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The world of Alrest is the fictional setting for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This world is covered in an endless sea of clouds making the surface of the world uninhabitable, yet life persists inside and on the backs of massive creatures that roam the Cloud Sea known as Titans. These Titans are home to a diverse array of people, countries, climates, and wildlife to explore. This world is typically explored by pairs of Drivers and Blades controlled by players. A Driver is a person who awakens a Core Crystal to create a Blade which is bonded to the driver that awakened them. Blades come in many forms, but an overwhelming majority are natural fighters with the ability to create an elemental weapon to fight alongside their Driver.

Campaign-Specific Rules.[edit]

These Rules are suggested in order for players to emulate the style of combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country.

Drivers and Blades[edit]

It is recommended that players make two characters that form a Driver and Blade pair. Both the Driver and Blade each have a class and race that give them a unique identity.

Driver Races[edit]


There are a variety of Humans who live among the Titans from the people of Torna to Mor Ardain.


Short and round folk covered in fuzz.


An agile race of people with feline features.


A long-lived race of blue people


Short Bird-Men with Bird Brains


Lizardmen with a conning bent


Ape-Men that keep to the wilderness

Driver Classes[edit]

Fighter Defender Healer Warrior Cavalier Knight Jack-of-all-Trades

Blade Races[edit]

Humanoid Beast Avian Artificial Aegis Flesh-Eater

Blade Classes[edit]

Flame Bringer

Aqua Wave

Lightning Bolt

Earth Breath

Cyclone Wing

Winter's Wake

Photon Edge

Black Abyss

Vangaurd Switch[edit]

Rearguard Arts[edit]


Switch Arts[edit]


Recoverable HP[edit]






For DMs[edit]


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