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Time Travel [Power]

The character can use his space/time control abilities to travel backwards and forwards in time.
Prerequisite: Int 17+, Power (space/time control) 18 ranks, Evolved
Benefit: As a special use of the Power (space/time control) skill you may attempt to travel in time with a DC 30 Space/Time Control check to travel within one year in either direction (past or future). You may travel additional years with an increase in the DC of +2 per year.

Example: Jim tries to travel two month into the past and has to make a DC 30 check. If he wanted to travel 5 years into the past that would be a DC 38 check, 30 + 8 (for the 4 additional years).

Traveling in time has its problems and consequences, Time Travel discusses some of the topics and concerns of time travel.
Special: It is at the GMs decision if a character can travel in time and what the consequences are for doing so, thus a GM may decide that time travel is not allowed or is limited.

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