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Back when humanity was still young and the magical was still a novelty, Set, third son of Adam and Eve, gathered thirty-six individuals and taught them unknown doctrines. As history has gone on, these Thirty-Six have reincarnated time and time again. Many claim they are the harbingers of an era without the magical, while others see them as an ends to a mean.

Universal Race Variant[edit]

This subrace does not quite work the same way as other subraces. It can be applied to any race, including those which don't normally have subraces. If it is applied to a race that does have subraces, you must still pick another subrace in addition to this one. This subrace will override any magical traits the race has.

Thirty-Six Traits[edit]

A Thirty-Six can be easily identified by their eyes, which are usually gray, red, or white.

Ability Score Increase. A Thirty-Six receives a +1 to Intelligence; and a +2 to Wisdom.

Set's Teachings. You have advantage on one of the following skills: Intelligence (Arcana), Intelligence (Religion), or Wisdom (Insight)

Set's Blessing. As a passive ability, any magical items or creatures within 5 feet of you permanently lose its magical attributes. If a creature's magic is unremovable without killing it (such as a chimera or planetar), the creature is instead permanently polymorphed into a similar creature that lacks magical traits.

Waning Defense. When you die, a portal will appear in the general area, releasing 4d10 aberrations over a period of 1d4 days or until it is destroyed. Aberrations that emerge from this are always evil and seek to destroy anything they come across.

Magical Repulsion. Any racial traits that allow you to cast a spell, such as the Eladrin's Fey Step or the Fire Genasi's Reach to the Blaze, are unusable by the Thirty-Six subrace. Likewise, a Thirty-Six cannot cast spells, use magic items, or attune to them.

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