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Weapon (longsword), artifact (requires attunement)

This crimson odachi emnates a mysterious red mist, its blade engraved with its true name: Gracious Gift of Tears. It is always stowed away within its own scabbard of matching color. It has the power of being able to wound, maim, or even kill those who aren't able to be killed by normal means.

Crimson Blade. The Mortal Blade grants its wielder a +5 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Attacks made with it ignore all damage resistances and immunities.
However, drawing the Mortal Blade is not an action that should be taken lightly. Should you draw the Mortal Blade and fail to deal any damage to another creature with it by the beginning of your next turn, it will take your own life force instead, dealing to you 30 necrotic damage that can't be reduced or negated by any means.

Killer of the Undying. While attuned to the Mortal Blade, if you reduce a creature to 0 hit points with an attack made with it, the blade drains that creature's life force, killing it instantly. A creature slain by the Mortal Blade can't be brought back to life by no means .
No arcane spell, divine power, otherworldly touch, or any other form of immortality in existence can stop death at the hand of the Mortal Blade.

Destroyer of existence. This weapon is able to cut any material, magic, items or anything else with ease. Nothing can stop this blade . Mesmo o tempo ou o destino pode ser cortado por lamina, or other equivalent things.

Cursed Draw. It is said that the Mortal Blade cannot be drawn, and for good reason. When you draw the Mortal Blade out of its scabbard for the first time, it drains all of your life force, killing you instantly. Should you later be revived, you can draw it out and attune to it normally without consequence.

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