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The Unknown Realm 
A post apocalyptic earth 


Basically earth geography but account for over 100 years of war between humans robots and magic users. 


The Unknown Realm aka earth has had an apocalyptic war between humans and robots causing a quantum disruption allowing magic to populate earth.


Human Factions:

The Confederacy of Survivors Is run by a board of military leaders and diplomats it has cells in the former nations of America, Mexico and Canada. It’s value system is much like that of the United States in its civil war. It is willing to align itself with most other factions except for the Androids and the Red Union.

The Red Union Is made up of what used to be Russia, China, North Korea and the other former Solviet countries. It is run by a single dictator who gains his seat by beating his successor in a strategic battle simulation designed by androids to determine what humans are logical and intelligent enough to serve the program. The Red Union is the only human faction to side with the machines in the war and for that is allowed to survive until all other organics die at which point they will be the last to go. They’re value system is simply survive the longest.

The Oceanic Alliance Formed of what once was Australia and its surrounding countries the OA is the only territory not affected by the mutation so it is common for survivors to attempt a journey there but few make it. No remnant of its former governments exist so it has very little presence in the revolution since it is essentially an area of people rather than a true faction. It’s value system is that of the people.

The Eastern Kingdom Is what is left of England, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Israel, and some of the small surrounding nations. It is heavily allied with the Confedaracy of Survivors and has similar values.

Magical Factions:

Hawaii When magic was released on earth Hawaiians went back to their islander roots and embraced their magic power leaving behind the western ways. However all the natural threats became enhanced as well wild boars became orcs volcanos spat fire elementals etc. Most other humans avoid the islands at all cost because of this.

South America Like Hawaii SA reverted to Aztec culture when magic was released and suffered the consequences. Only a few civilized pockets remain burried in the jungles of overgrowth.

Africa Due to the poverty that plagued most of the continent Africa turned to magic to feed its people. And this was successful and due to the exotic nature of the wildlife locals were better prepared when they started encountering creatures of myth.

The Androids There is only one faction of ai that plagues the organics and it all functions with one goal world “decontamination” so far it only holds most of Asia and the Middle East. The androids were created by Japan as a means to replace human casualties from the battlefield but this plan backfired when terroists reprogrammed the hub computer for global extinction. Upon realizing what happened the Japanese military resorted to the ancient honor code of the samurai and sacrificed itself in a nuclear strike to save the rest of the world. An act that was 99 percent successful but a handful of androids remained. It took 100 years for them to rebuild themselves allowing humanity to prepare for the unpreventable war.

For DMs[edit]

How a game should be run in this setting is very optional. I think of the androids as Terminators, I imagine the Oceanic Alliance territory as being like Australia in Mad Max and the ai as Ultron from the Avengers. But all this could change and not alter the setting severely. I would suggest everything being overgrown rusty broken down looted etc so that weapons body armor vehicles and technologies are hard to find in working order. 

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