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Armor (plate), artifact (requires attunement by a creature of evil alignment)

In an era where evil once was left unchallenged and spread across the land, there was once a man who rose from nothing, doing any means necessary to reach the pinnacle of power and soon ruled over the forces of evil as an overlord. In his time as overlord, he was wedded to a woman name Habitha, whose beauty was only match by her wickedness, while also rumored or believe by some that she was an Ancient Red Dragon, though it was questionable whether that it is true or not. Yet only just a year since the wedding, the overlord queen was killed by a group of adventurers, who snuck through the palace unseen while the overlord was away in battle. When he return, he was so consumed by grief and heartache, that he soon turn to placing the soul of his beloved into his own armor, so that he will never be part from her. Over the decades, the armor was filled with the spirit of the woman wickedness, the malice of the overlord and bathed in the bloods of the innocence's, thus giving birth to the Tyranny of Evil.

Curse: Corruption of the Overlord This armor is cursed with the sentient evil that lays within the armor for centuries, waiting anyone worthy to wear the mantle of evil. While attuning to this weapon, if the user alignment is good, you will be subjected to images of all form of corrupted scenes from the memories of Habitha that they must succeed on a DC 20 CON saving throw or be rejected by the armor and taking 10d10 psychic. On a failure, the user is never allow to attune with the armor ever again. If the user alignment is neutral, they must succeed on a DC 15 CON saving throw or be rejected by the armor and take 8d8 psychic damage. Though even on a failure, the user is able to try again by the next 24 hours. If the user, either good or neutral, success on the saving roll yet refusing to change alignment to evil, will not be able to have the full benefit's and abilities of the armor, while having to make a DC 20 Charisma save for each day. On a success, they suffer 3d6 psychic damage. On a failure, they are dominated by the armor (as if by dominate monster) and is compel to make an act of evil (such as killing a human being, stealing from someone, etc.). The effect ends when the user has completed one act of evil. The cycle of the curse will continue till the person is willing to change their alignment from good/neutral to evil.

When a person of evil alignment attempts to attune to the armor or has change their alignments from good/neutral, they are transported to a pocket dimension that exists outside of time and space. Once there, the user encounters the essence of the armor. This essence manifests as a Red Ancient Dragon. Work with your DM to determine the nature of this contract, as no two contracts are ever the same. Once a deal has been made, the creature who attuned to it finds themselves back in the plane they previously were with the armor already on them. Anyone perceiving the event would be unaware of the interaction between the creature and the armor. They only become aware of the results once either the creature falls dead, or the armor is instantly donned by the creature. Once the user don the armor they are then unable remove it, not even with the remove curse or a Wish spell, expect only in death does the user is free.

Might of the Overlord: While worn, the armor functions as Plate Armour, with the following rules and abilities:

Your AC is equal to 15 +STR modifier +CON modifier. The armor also provide resistance to cold, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from non-magical weapons that aren't silvered or radiated. The armor also provides immunity to fire and poison, and the poisoned condition. These resistances and immunities cannot be removed except through a spell of 8th level or above, and such effects only last for 1d4 minutes before needed to be re-cast. The armor provides a resistance to magic, granting advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects (except those caused by the armor itself). When you are required to make a save to have half damage you only take none on a successful save and half on a failed one. The armor grants the wearer 25 of blind-sight, dark vision, and the wearer can not be blinded or deafened. The appearance of the armor give you an overpowering personality that is made most obvious through speech, granting you advantage on all Charisma-based checks and saves.

The Tyranny of Evil has a will of its own and is very adamant about its desires. If its wearer acts in a manner opposed to its contract with the armour or against its alignment, a conflict arises. When such a conflict occurs, the armour makes a Charisma check contested by the wielder’s Charisma check. If the armour wins the contest, it makes one or more of the following demands:

  • The item insists on being carried or worn at all times.
  • The item demands that its wielder dispose of anything the item finds repugnant.
  • The item demands that its wielder pursue the item’s goals to the exclusion of all other goals.
  • The item demands to be given to someone else.

If its wielder refuses to comply with the armor’s wishes, it can react by doing one or more of the following:

  • Unatune to it's wielder and make it impossible for its wielder to reattune to it for 24 hours.
  • Suppress one or more of its activated properties.
  • Attempt to take control of its wielder.
    • If The Tyranny of Evil attempts to take control of its wielder, the wielder must make a Charisma Saving Throw, with a DC of 19. On a failed save, the wielder is Dominated by the armor for 1d12 hours. While Dominated, the wielder is conscious but acts as though it is possessed and obeys the armor's will unquestioningly. If the wielder takes damage, it can repeat the Saving Throw, ending the effect on a success. Whether the attempt to control its user succeeds or fails, the armor can’t use this power again until the next dusk.

Bane of Justice: As an action, you can magically summoned a powerful, twisted two-handed greatsword. This sword glows with reddish, shadow-like aura from the blood of all heroes who were killed by this weapon. You have a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon, which deals an additional 2d10 necrotic damage on a hit.

Charges: The Tyranny of Evil possesses the following powers, which require charges to use. The armor has 20 charges, and regains 1d6+the wearer's Wisdom modifier charges daily at dawn. Activating any of the powers requires an action, unless otherwise stated. The wearer may choose to attempt to activate the armor's powers by bypassing the charge requirements if it does not have enough charges or attempt to activate a power without expending any charges, but doing so requires a contested Charisma check against the armor. If the wearer fails the contested Charisma check the armor can choose to attempt to take control of its user as detailed at the end of Might of the Overlord. The armour gains a +1 bonus to it's Charisma check for every missing or bypassed charge required to use a power. For example, if the wearer has 3 charges, using all 3, and attempts to use Dominate Person, a 5 charge ability, the amours' check is increased by +2. Each time the wearer attempts to bypass any charges the base DC for any Charisma check made against the armor is raised by +1 for 24 hours or until the next dusk.

Innate Spellcasting: The wearer gains the Overlord magical abilities, using Charisma as its spellcasting ability modifier if the wearer does not already have one. The wearer may expend 3 charges to cast either Zone of Truth as a 2nd-level spell, or between Detect Magic or Fireball as a 3rd-level spell. The wearer can expend 5 charges to cast Dominate Person as a 5th-level spell, or Wall of Fire as a 4th-level spell. The wearer can only cast each spell 3 times requiring a long rest before the spell can be cast again unless all charges are bypassed when using the spell or if the wearer cast the spell using their own casting abilities.

Spear's of the Overlord: By using 4 charges, you can summon 4 spears of shadow that have a range of 25/50 ft that deal 3d10 necrotic damage and 2d6 piercing damage each. You can use 2 charge to summon 1 spear that you wield that has reach and deals 2d10 necrotic damage and 1d10 piercing damage.

Shadow of the Overlord: By using 5 charges, you can teleport to any point you can see within 60ft and you can teleport farther by using 3 charges per 10 feet beyond 60. Another method is instead expending 5 charges to grows wings made of pure shadow; these wings grant the wearer flying speed of 60 feet.

Aura of the Overlord: The wearer can expend 5 charge to radiate and aura of fear. Any creature hostile to the wearer that starts its turn within 20 feet of it must make a DC 21 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature is deal with 5d6 and become frightened until its next turn. If a creature's saving throw is successful, the creature is deal with only half damage and is immune to the armor's Fear Aura ability for the next 24 hours. This ability lasts for 2d4 rounds, until the wearer falls unconscious, or until the wearer dismisses it as an action. When the duration ends, the wearer can expend an additional charge as a bonus action to extend its duration for another 1d4 rounds. After the spell ends, you must to finish a long rest before you can use this feature again. This does not prevent the wearer from casting any aura spells that do not use the armor's abilities and does not interfere with any overlapping auras since the aura originates from the armor and not the wearer.

Army of the Overlord: The wearer can use expend 10 charges to use the power of the Tyranny of Evil to summon the forces of evil from the realm of the Nine Hells. Summon either (a)3d4 Bearded Devils, (b)2d4 Barbed Devils, (c) 1d4 Bone Devils or (d) two Erinyes. Summoned devils appear in an unoccupied space within 60 feet of the summoner, acts as an ally of its summoner, and can't summon other devils. Summoned devils remain for 1 hour, until they drop to 0 hit points and disappears or its summoner dies, or until its summoner dismisses it as an action. You need to finish a short/long rest before you can use this feature again.

The Draconic Form of the Overlord The wearer can expend 20 charges to assume the form of an Ancient Red Dragon as though through the Shapechange spell. The transformation takes one round. They keep their Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, but all other stats, as well as their traits and features that a dragon is unable to use are replaced by the normal dragon stats, traits, features, etc. When transforming, anything they are carrying may be either absorbed into or carried by their new form. The Tyranny of Evil is always brought into the new form, and functions as a suit of +3 Plate Mail. If brought down to zero, they are reverted back to their original form and become unconscious. While in dragon form, they may take an action to revert back to their normal form, once they do so, they cannot use this ability again until they complete a long rest.
Random Properties. The The Tyranny of Evil has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 2 minor detrimental properties
  • 1 major detrimental property

Sentience. Habitha is a sentient neutral evil with an Intelligence of 20 (+5) Wisdom, a 20 of (+5), and a Charisma of 20(+5). She has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 70 feet. She can speak, read, and understand both Common and Draconic, while able to communicate with her wielder telepathically and understands any language you know.
Personality. The Tyranny of Evil claims to hold the spirit of Habitha, the wife of the Overlord. As how she was in life, Habitha has a twisted desire to see the weak and helpless by crushed in front of her. She also act seductive to the user if he is male, while act annoyed if the wear is female. As the wife of an Overlord, Habitha has a strong sense of authority and rarely bow down to the will of its new master easily (see the Might of the Overlord feature above), though open up a bit to those who have evil alignment. Over time, if you please Habitha by doing evil deeds (like killing the enemy, torture the enemy, intimidate a person, etc.), she is will to serve you as the new Overlord and will not try to gain control over you. She would even become quite attached to the user (if male), and will become jealous against other women to the point of forcing the user to attack if the user has some relationship with other player/NPC women.
Destroying the The Tyranny of Evil. When a deliberate attempt is made to destroy this armor, the spirit take control and force the user to fight as a monster. If the armor is being worn, then the wearer must make a Charisma save contested against the armor or be dominated by the spirit and be controlled by the DM. If the spirit/user is defeated, then the armor is destroyed and the wearer is either killed due to the armor or is transported back to where the original owner of the armor resided.
The Original Overlord, wearing the Tyranny of Evil upon his dark throne.

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