The Teacher Flu (3.5e Disease)

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Name: The Teacher Flu (Su)
Infection DC: 40 (Contact, Inhalation, etc., (close contact with infected persons), by Donkey ability)
Incubation: 4-10 days
Damage: At first, as with common cold. After 3 weeks, those infected become immediately staggered, regardless of current nonlethal damage taken. After 4 weeks, this disease deals 1 Constitution damage per 2 days if the infected Fairy does not make their fortitude save.

The teacher flu is extremely contagious, transmitting between all Fairies in close proximity to each other before they even notice the symptoms. Only Fairies can get the teacher flu (it is so called as Fairies are often teachers). As the teacher flu is not a natural disease, it can only be crafted by a Donkey with the Illmaker powers. It cannot be cured by anything other than a Blue Apple, and those infected cannot recover on their own (however, if the Donkey that created the disease dies, they completely recover immediately).

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