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The Sermon of Seven Suns[edit]

some kind of folk story that i haven't written yet


The Fall of Humanity[edit]

Prior to the Sermon of Seven Suns, humanity was progressing as rapidly as it always had. In the year 2026 the first martian colony, Inconstant, was established with an official population of 13 scientists. The primary purpose of this settlement however was not to establish a foothold in the solar system, but rather to help mend the wounds caused by political infighting withing the United States. The mission was regarded a triumphant success and by 2034 the colony had grown to about 800,000 cubic feet and housed 112 scientists from all over the world.

Following the triumphant success of the "Inconstant" mission, global funding of the sciences skyrocketed. The most promising innovation to come out of this period was the ECHO project. The ECHO project was a next generation gravitation wave telescope that promised to "identify any large body moving at orbital speeds." The telescope was launched in October of 2033 and came online in November of the same year. Shortly after ECHO's activation a new planetoid roughly the size of Mercury was detected near the orbit of Jupiter. From ECHO's data the planetoid, later renamed Atalanta, was determined to be be rogue planet ejected from the galactic core several millions of years prior.

After its discovery, research on the planetoid Atalanta exploded in the scientific community and was made public, Atalanta became an icon of the unknown and would have helped give even more power to the governmental agencies involved in the exploration of space if more time were available. Unbeknownst to the public the ECHO team had uncovered the Atalanta trajectory and determined Mars to be on a collision course with the newly discovered object. The ECHO team determined that the impact between the 2 astronomical bodies would take place in just over 3 weeks, and after consulting with the president, all information from ECHO was deemed classified.

On December 9th, 2033, Atalanta collided with mars. In the impact, both planets were shattered and pulled apart scattering planetary debris throughout the solar system. In the days following the impact of Mars and Atalanta, scientists plotted the orbital paths of all the "dangerously large" asteroids produced. Luckily, of the nearly 5000 large asteroids sent on a near collision course with the Earth, scientists determined that only 2 would impact the planet - Atropos I and Atropos II. With only a few month till doomsday, an alliance was formed between all the nations in the possession of nuclear weapons known as the Hail Mary Treaty. The treaty outlined both a plan to update as many outdated warheads to the most powerful nuclear fusion ICBM's as well as a plan to strike the incoming asteroids simultaneously.

By February 23rd, 2034, of the roughly 15,000 nuclear weapons stockpiled only 147 had been successfully retrofitted with new payloads and it was decided that the mission was to move forward. Atropos I was targeted first and taking nearly 70% of the total weapons stockpile, was sufficiently neutralized. With all the remaining weapons, Atropos II was targeted next. With only around 30% of the total weapons still available, the situation looked grim for humanity. The remaining weapons were detonated on the surface of Atropos II, and managed to fragment the asteroid into thousands of smaller asteroids still on a trajectory to impact the Earth. In the days prior to impact, most, if not all of the 15,000 antiquated nuclear weapons were launched in order to either slow or destroy "smaller" asteroids as they came within the orbit of the moon.

The Sermon of Seven Suns[edit]

In a small town far from any large settlements, residents gathered in the parking lot of a local hardware store to watch the end of the world. They looked up and watched as part of mars, "Humanities new Home!", began to ignite in the upper atmosphere. Then, suddenly, a star in the constellation Sagittarius vanished and before the residents appeared the shadow of man in a burst of light. The being appeared to be shrouded in darkness and yet, impossibly, also radiated an incredibly bright light that illuminated the entire town. At first the being was completely silent, and in shock the crowd of people fell silent as well. Then,

With all forms of recourse against the impeding doom exhausted, the world stood still as fleet of asteroids hurdled toward the Earth. Then, as all seemed lost, a flash of light appeared and



Aries - Hamal (Alpha Arietis)

Taurus - Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri)

Gemini - Pollux (Beta Geminorum)

Cancer - Altarf (Beta Cancri)

Leo - Regulus (Alpha Leonis)

Virgo - Spica (Alpha Virginis)

Libra - Zubeneschamali (Beta Librae)

Scorpio - Antares (Alpha Scorpii)

Sagittarius - Kaus Australis (Epsilon Sagittarii)

Capricorn - Deneb Algedi (Delta Capricorni)

Aquarius - Sadalsuud (Beta Aquarii)

Pisces - Alpherg (Eta Piscium)


The Malebranche (Twelve Generals)[edit]














- only a small percentage are able to use magic (20%ish). if someone who cant use magic tries to use magic, it will kill them.

- after either using a lot of magic, the user is subject to a period of intense pain after known as recoil.

- at the moment of death of certain magic users, the persons body will be possessed by their patron god and their dying wish will be fulfilled.


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