The Plague of The Horsemen (5e Campaign Setting)

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The Plague Of The Horsemen[edit]

"A plague devastated the world! With no certainty of recovery, we need to find out the source of this disease!" Yelled the doctor, as he slams his hand on the table.

"I assure you, Doctor Barry. Me and my organization are scouting out on who is responsible for this pandemic. We just need more time..."

'I Can't Give You More Time! The disease's has already killed half the population and the kill count is still counting, If we don't find a solution to this, there wouldn't be any living thing inhabiting this world."

"Don't worry we will find a cure, I promise."

"I hope so, Ryan, I Hope So."


A few months ago, A mysterious disease affected the whole world killing almost half the world's population. Resulting the fall of several kingdoms, and an advancement on technology. Doctors and clerics go in the spotlight, searching for a cure for this pandemic. Working together with organizations around the world ,to scout out sources of the disease. In which resulted in founding four separate dungeons, in four separate locations. Nearest one for you, is at a location called Aspirn Shire ,in which where several agents and parties journeyed onto the dungeon and never came back. Town and cities are still going about there business and doing there best to stay calm. The sky is all dim and gloomy ,with little traces of the sun. Churches became medical stations, to aid the people, now suffering from the effects. Warfare, medicine, and transportation has changed throughout the years, with the discovery of gunpowder and alchemy.

Now an organization named Medeall, needs brave souls to journey on the mysterious dungeons and find the cure to save the world.

(This is my first time doing a setting , so feel free to tell me questions and improvements that i should work on. (: )




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