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The Orc Sea is a realm of treacherous waters, islands filled with danger and peril and unstable alliances. Controlled by the orc clans, this region is home to powerful strongholds, and conceals many secrets and marvels.

This region is characterized by its dark choppy waters, jagged cliffs and hidden coves, making navigation extremely dangerous, which also makes the region perfect for hiding spots of pirates, and also gives the orcs an advantage against potential invaders.

This is a region of constant conflict, since orc clans constantly battle each other for dominance in the area, seeking to control strategic islands and sea lanes. Pirates and explorers also are part of this complex political landscape.

Types of Islands In the Orc Sea[edit]

The majority of islands in the Orc Sea that bear fertile lands are occupied by the Orcs. However, the unstable, tempestuous and mysterious nature of those seas hide weird and mystical lands. Here are some of the most commonly found islands in those seas:

Average Island

The majority of islands are covered by forests and grassy plains. Due to the tempestuous nature of the region, most of those islands have great lakes. There are not much in terms of precious minerals or gems, and the richness of those islands is derived from commerce and pillaging.

Volcanic Islands

Formed by tectonic activity, most volcanic islands in the Orc Sea are in the Raging Dragon, an archipelago shaped in a dragon-like form when seen from above, composed by volcanoes that in their majority are inactive. Most of the active volcanoes are in the region named by navigator's the Dragon's Mouth.

Legend has it that the region was formed after a dragon god was slain, and it is actually the body of that god, that now rests in the depths of the ocean. This region is mostly uninhabited. However, some native Tortles can be found here. There are, also, tales of dragons seen on occasion flying over those islands, and the existence of elementals in the regions of great volcanic activity.

Moving Island[edit]

Population. 18,345 (fixed) and up to 30,000 (variable). Of those, 80% of them are orcs, 10% goblinoids, 5% sahuagin, 5% humanoids.

Government Type. Oligarchy (the council of the clans).


The Moving Island is the first free orcish realm. Legend has it that it was created by the captain Gharul, the Bloodhand, a great warrior and captain of the ship Dark Heart, that now is the center of this orcish civilization formed in the sea. The Moving Island is a flotilla, made out of both permanent and temporary ships, that are constantly attached and detached from each other, as need arises, and that serves as a self haven for orcs, refugees and scoundrels that find themselves in these treacherous seas. Through the decades of its existence, the Moving Island faced plenty of attacks, achieving both great victories and suffering big losses. However, its nature as a fluid structure and the versatility of its administrators have cemented orcs as the true rulers of the ocean.

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