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The God of the Lost and Forgotten[edit]

Alignment. True Neutral
Domains. The Lost, Forgotten and Abandoned
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

The God of the Lost, Forgotten, and Abandoned is as old as the Ancients who are worshipped by paladins. He rules over a realm known only as the Realm of the Lost (Its original name having been lost to time.) where anything and anyone who is completely lost, forgotten and abandoned end up. The only way to enter this realm is through being completely lost to the world, most mortals only entering centuries after they have already died. The god himself cares not for any of them and holds a bitter resentment towards all of humanity with little exceptions. His only motivation seems to be the collection of knowledge; however, it is due to the method through which his knowledge is gained that he resents humanity so completely. The God of the Lost only gains knowledge when it is forgotten. Humanity, to him, seems to forget more knowledge than they will ever learn which is why he resents them so.

The God of the Lost more often than not resides in the Realm of the Lost. There was a time however when he was sealed in a chest by three very powerful wizards. The wizards were unable to gain the power and knowledge they desired from him which is what lead to him being lost himself and forgotten by humanity. He was accidentally released and resealed inside a young goblin known as Atticus. Through his adventures inside this goblin the Lost God developed a soft spot for children, leading him to create the Lost Children.[1] Once Atticus died, the seal was broken, and The Lost God was free once more.

The God of the Lost does not have a normal physical form and switches them up anytime he is forced to interact with mortals of any kind. He does however lean more towards male forms. None ever seems to be able to identify his fashion style as they are usually forgotten to time. There have been no idols of him made or recovered as any who succeed often forget where they placed it or what they even looked like. (Due to the god's intervention)

His interactions with the rest of any pantheon are limited at best, non-existent at worst. He does not care for the ‘younger gods’ nor for what they stand for. He attempts to limit himself to the Goddess of Knowledge, (his twin sister and polar opposite) when it comes to any form of pantheon relations.

Those who worship the Lost God often do so because they lost or forgot something important to them. It is mostly Warlocks who beg for his help in finding something lost long ago, trading their own memories and experiences for power. Clerics and Paladins of the god are few and far between, but can often be found traveling from town to town easing peoples stresses and worries by literally causing them to forget. Others travel seeking out lost artifacts for the god or abused children to hand over to him as Lost Children candidates.

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