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Wondrous item (Spellcasting focus), Artifact (attunement require by being an evil or neutral spellcaster)

The lich's skull is the skull of a once powerful necromancer that tried to become a lich but he had done the ritual incorrectly and somehow survived the process. The skull and the phylactery are fused

The item can be unequipped at will but its stays attuned unless remove curse spell is casted. The items magically appear again in your inventory after 100ft of distance

Soul sacrifice. By sacrificing 1 hit dice of health you can cast an extra spell in the same turn but the health cannot be healed unless you take a long rest Shared souls. advantage against charmed and frightened you can see and casts spells trough the skull even if it not in your inventory. If the skull is not in your inventory you receive disadvantage in your spellcasting. Damage done to the skull is done to you

Necrotic blood. The necrotic magic in the skull debilitates your body making more slender and skeletal like While you are attuned to this item you gain proficiency in intimidation, advantage on necromancy spells and resistance against necrotic. Minus 2str, 2con and 2persuacion, vulnerable to radiant damage, disadvantage on evocation spells and healing spells are half as effective

Curse. Semilich. If you die while attuned to this item you revive in 2 days as a skeleton (you retain your races traits) and the skull unfuses from the phylactery. If the phylactery is broken it takes a tenday and 2500gold to make a new one .in this form you no longer need to eat, drink, air and sleep, you got darkvision 60ft and if you die you can recover your body in 1d20 days but you become evil (if already evil then chaotic), are classified has undead and can’t no longer speak (you ignore the verbal components of spells). Necrotic blood becomes necrotic being and shared souls becomes fused souls Fused souls: advantage against charmed and frightened.

Necrotic being. Now the necrotic magic as fused with it being the source of your new life. You gain proficiency in intimidation, advantage on necromancy spells, resistance against necrotic and immunity on against poison, poisoned and exhaustion. Minus 3str, 3con and 4persuacion vulnerable to radiant and bludgeoning damage, disadvantage on evocation spells and healing spells no longer heal you

Sentience. The Lich Skull is sapient chaotic evil with 20 intelligence, 11 wisdom and 12 has darkvision 60ft and has proficiency in arcana and history. He speaks telepathically with the attuned creature. Personality. The Lich Skull wants to get body and power .even though it will not stole the attuned creature body it try to persuade the creature to commit evil action and to get more power .the Lich Skull likes talking about magic and history, especially with spellcasters but he does not enjoy being mocked about his intellect and more about how got into his actual condition

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