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The Forest Lords Branch(I do not own this image)Sorce:[1]

Weapon (Quarterstaff), artifact (Requires Attunement by a Spellcaster.)

History: Once a proud and ambitious fey the forest lord was once a part of the fey courts he took care of the tree and treants that lived in the domain of the fey wild and many in the land of Morthan. He kept a balance of life in the forests never too much and never too little he enjoyed his work until after hundreds of years of faithful service he started to feel lonely he watched as all the other creatures found love and longed for someone who could share ideas about the balance between life and death. One day he was traveling through a forest in the martial plane watching the broader to make sure the humans did not cut too many trees when he noticed her a beautiful woman dressed in a black dress adorned in Revan feathers he decided to try and talk to her. He approached the woman and spoke to her about the trees the women started talking about life and from there they gradually fell deeply in love he later learned that this woman was known as the Revan Queen. After many years he decided to give her a gift to show his love for her so he made a ring out of tree bark and delved into the deepest of mines to find a gem that would match her beauty it took three years but he had found a purple gem that shined just like her smile. When he gave her the gift she was astonished and decided he needed a gift in return so she found a newly fallen tree and grabbed one of its branches and imbued some of her magic into it then she found a green gem to place at the top of it. She then asked that he imbues some of his magic into the staff he did as he was asked and the staff was completed as he inspected the staff she said to him "As long as the magic in this staff remains powerful so shall our love."the forest lord after many years of service to the fey lords later left the fey lords so that he could work more closely with his lover.

Lovely Construction: The Forest Lords Branch is a magic weapon that grants a +2 bonus to your spell attack bonus and spell save DC. While wielding this weapon you gain advantage on checks and saves to avoid being charmed. It also acts as a +2 Quarterstaff when used as a melee weapon and any attack made with It in this way is considered magical.

Calming presence: The Forest Lords Branch exudes a very Calming aura around It to the point that your foes relax while in combat. You can cast the 5e SRD:Calm Emotions spell once per short rest(You do not have to maintain concentration on this spell). You can also cast the 5e SRD:Sanctuary spell twice per long rest. Wisdom is your spellcasting for these abilities.

Forests Protector: The Forest Lords Branch can compel the forest to aid you in your time of need. You gain the following cantrips: 5e SRD:Druidcraft,5e SRD:Shillelagh, and Mold Earth[1] in addition you can cast 5e SRD:Animal Friendship at third level twice per short rest, and you can cast 5e SRD:Conjure Woodland Beings Twice per long rest. Finally you can cast the Guardian of Nature[2] spell once per day when you cast it in this way you must choose the Great Tree option.

Blessed by Life & Death: Once per week, you can call forth the positive and negative energies of the Raven Queen and the Forest Lord to empower your spells! When you use this ability as an action you call forth the energies of the Raven Queen and the Forest Lord for 1 minute during that time you gain the following benefits: Any healing spells you cast do an extra 2d4+Wisdom healing, Whenever you do damage to a creature you deal an additional 2d6+Wisdom necrotic or radiant damage(You decide the damage before each attack), any creature you kill while under the effect of this ab ility will be considered under the effects of the 5e SRD:Gentle Repose spell for three weeks, While this ability is active you also gain resistance to necrotic and radiant damage for the duration, and you gain a +15ft to your movement while this ability is active.

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