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The Embra Realm[edit]

The Embra Realm (Also called "Embra") was created as the result of Interplanar quakes, An extremely rare (mostly) man-made disaster that occurs when powerful instances of magic flow through planes trying to connect them, attempts to force them together are strong enough that they create extremely powerful magical quakes in both the planes. The Embra Realm is its own plane as is the result of the most powerful Interplanar quake ever created. The cause of said quake was an unknown magical entity that is only known by the name the residents of the realm have given it: The Creator. The Physical layout of the realm mostly resembles that of mountains. The cities are mostly constructed where the terrain is mostly flat, but in many cases where flat terrain is not available, the towns and cities are built along the side of high mountains. The most noticeable feature of Embra is the sky. In the sky lies a blue sun, yes that's right the sun is blue, why? no one knows. After all this time no one really cares either. The sky is a dark color of crimson during the day and at night the sky turns black so dark a creature without darkvision couldn't see more than 15 feet in front of them and few torches are the only thing to light their paths. So it is best to stick to the trails. For any adventurers brave enough to explore this realm, they can possibly find hidden treasures and solve the mysteries of Embra.


The Creator[edit]

Little is known about this entity except that it is responsible for the creation of Embra. There are various rumors about The Creator. Some of these rumors portray The Creator as good, while others make him look evil. He is believed to be a powerful entity with abilities to create oceans, deserts, and deadly storms. This is not someone you would like to have as an enemy. Whether or not these rumors are true, has yet to be decided. This is because of the fact that no one has ever really met him. For all we know, he might not actually exist. However, there are people committed to finding The Creator and proving that he exists. These people go to great lengths to locate him, even if those lengths mean certain death. Now if that isn't commitment... It is most definitely stupidity.


Aquidi is a Colossal Sea Dragon which is believed to be a god-like deity. Aquidi stretches to 320 ft. long and weighs roughly 200 tons. Her lair lies in the depths of the ocean, A temple within a deserted civilization. Most of the creatures in the ocean are under her control. few creatures are free to do as they please. However, these creatures must get out of the ocean, or hide, because Aquidi has groups of enemy creatures patrolling the seas and they will attack on sight.


The Cold North[edit]

Up in the North lies Embra's snowy mountain peaks. Northern Embra is constructed of two parts: The Snowy Valley and Blizzard Peaks. The Snowy Valley is a mostly residential area. Whereas Blizzard Peaks is non-residential because of all the hostile creatures and the EverBlizzard. The EverBlizzard is the remains of a great war involving the Ring of Winter. It is said that a traveler trying to find The Creator, who theoretically had the power to put an end to the EverBlizzard. What became of the traveler and whether or not he found The Creator is unknown, but what is known for sure is that he never returned to stop the storm.

The Eastern Ocean[edit]

The Great Ocean of the east. If you're looking for a nice vacation spot ... keep looking. Embra's oceans hide many secrets, as well as enemies. The ocean is watched over by Aquidi, A Colossal Sea Dragon measuring more than 300 ft long. Aquidi rules the ocean and is not very keen on having unexpected visitors, especially Tieflings. In the ocean is an entire abandoned civilization underwater with a big temple where Aquidi resides. The entire city counts as Aquidi's lair. Where the ocean meets the land lies a small village that is mostly populated by Grungs.

The Great Forest[edit]

The Forests in Embra are a sight to behold, though ironically you can't see much because of the roof of trees on the outside and heavy fog on the inside. This sounds like a normal forest, right? Wrong. The great forest has the least recorded data of the entire realm. If you ever come out of the forest, it definitely won't be the same way you entered. Whether magic manipulates your location in this forest, or you just lose your way because of the fog, nobody really knows. There is, however, a rumor going around that there are creatures in that forest. No one knows what they look like or if they are friend or foe, but people say that if one meets and befriends one of these creatures, they will guide that person through the forest.

The Burning Desert[edit]

The Burning Desert. Sea creatures beware for there is little to no water here because it's a desert. In the sky above the desert, there are no clouds, just the blazing blue sun shining down on you. Out in the desert, ruins can be found. However, between these ruins lies a long trip through the desert. Under the heat of the sun, adventurers will accumulate exhaustion every half-day. If not treated, the adventurers are very likely to die. There are hunters in the desert as well, Sand-Skinned Bulettes. If your thinking you can try to persuade the guys to lead you through the desert, think again. Sand-Skinned Bulettes are very hostile. They are the same as regular Bulettes, but with minor differences. If you are lucky enough to survive long enough in the desert, you may come into contact with the Sand King, Djerit. Djerit is actually a Primordial, he stumbled into Embra's desert and appointed himself King. Since no one dared go against his power, he became king. Djerit and Aquidi are mortal enemies. however, they only had one run-in with each other. This was when The Creator was confronted by Aurgis.

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