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Terry Crews[edit]

Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Nature, War
Divine Rank.

In the glades of Arvandor there are few which dare disturb the Olympian peace which pervades the realm, of those few is the obscene being of muscle and fragrance shouting and booming as they hunt the game of the land that is Terry Crews. His residence in the Olympian Glades of Arborea is begrudgingly accepted among his allies and neighbors as his boisterous nature keeps the peace and quiet at bay. His avatars are frequently gladiators of Goliath or Orcish nature - muscular powerhouses both genetically and conditionally. Terry Crews has few dedicated churches or temples - those that fit the description are similar to those of Christians except for the much, much more physically powerful priests and the thick, almost suffocating fragrances of lavender, cinnamon, etc. Those who wish to crusade for Terry Crews may be sent to spread his name and influence across the globe, or secure his position as the strongest Lesser Being. One of the Deity's weaknesses is his aversion to magic, as he has no dedicated magic - though he does approve of magic like Bull's Strength and Stoneskin.

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