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I really enjoyed reading about this prestige class. (Partly because I'm a huge Hellsing fan and I'm pretty sure it's based on Alucard.) I appreciated the fleshed out concepts and the effort put into balance. However I do have concerns on how it could actually fit into game play. The campaign would need to have a rapid increase in difficulty to match the classes own exponential power increase. Perhaps you could put more restrictions on what souls you can capture? Anyways good class.

Admitidly when I was doing testing for this class I was running a campaign where many of the characters were vampires, lich or some other kind of optimized character with feats/abilities pulled from a myriad of different books. By time were were 8th level it took epic/near epic level characters to provide a true challenge. Thus if your planning to play a more high level campaign or one that involves most players, if not all, being a vampire - or some other powerful creature, than the exponential power increase is not as bad. I agree that it would be tricky to fit into a regular campaign. What do you mean by the restriction on what souls you can capture?

  The only real restriction is that the vampire God cannot trap beings that are more than 2/3 his own level or who have a higher Charisma score(the Vampire Gods primary stat). It is meant as a way to prevent the PC's and other 
  powerful beings within his blood plane. It is to give the ability some resemblance of not being completely broken. I have added a side note that the restrictions can be waived at the DM's approval if you feel that would better 
  represent your Vampire Gods ability to devour/enslave the souls of his enemies.

Really like the class, just got a DM to approve it so cant wait to try it out. One question though, for age category advancement it looks like you cant get past mature without going into epic levels. Am I misunderstanding or is that intentional?

   That was not intentional and has been removed. That original table was an age category table for immortal beings such as outsiders, fey and elementals that I bumped into a few years ago.

Blood prison: "A Vampire God can summon a number of creatures at once, but only if their total ECL doesn't exceed his own." Does this refer to how many he can summon in a round or the total he can have? If the former, does he have a max amount?

   It refers to the number of beings he can call forth in one round. So a 20 ECL Vampire God could call forth 2 characters of ECL 10( such as 10th level fighters) or 20 ECL 1 characters. There is no cap to the number of characters 
   the Vampire God can summon so long as the Vampire God has enough open space to summon his minions and they have enough Blood Points to actually summon them. A powerful Vampire God can infiltrate a city, find a hiding place and 
   spend a few minutes to empty his blood plane - creating an army seemingly out of thin air to attack a city (an example of how I've used the feature)
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