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Ok, for those interested, I am attempting to update and correct the issues with this page to make it a little more balanced and possibly playable in 5E. Please leave any concerns so I can peruse through them as I plan on starting play-testing this with my group this week to determine its play-ability.

v/r, Michael

Update: All of the grammar and spelling have been corrected.

Hello Michael, and welcome to the wiki!
Making this class usable will be hard, but it shouldn't be impossible. If you have any questions about how something should be worded(or frankly questions about 5e), I should be able to help if I can understand the context of your question(I am very familiar with 5e and somewhat familiar with 3.5e so bear with me if I don't understand something that may seem obvious to you). Here are some of the things that could be improved.
Class names are not capitalized, spell fire points isn't capitalized (ki points of the monk), and feature names are capitalized.
In general, things in 5e need to be clear and concise. Specifically, the spellfire feature needs to be clear on how exactly gain spellfire charges(be explicit, for example "You gain x amount of spellfire points when you do y"), and how they are spent(do you have a spell list or spellcasting feature or are there just class features that use the spellfire points?). If this is done, the feature could be cut to half its length and be much clearer. I heavily recommend seeing the Spell Point Costs section that the Spectrum_Mage_(5e_Class)#Spellcasting uses for reference.
Pretty much the entire class's wording also needs to be cleaned up. Here is an example of how Basic Spellfire feature could be made more clear starting at the 4th sentence. "As an action, a you may spend any amount number of spellfire points up to your Constitution modifier + your spellfire wielder level to unleash a ray of energy at a creature within 120 feet of you. For each spellfire point spent, this ray of energy deals 1d6 radiant damage."
If a feature improves another feature, it shouldn't be a separate feature, there should just be one feature. See the Fighter's Extra Attack feature and the Dragonborn's Breath Weapon.--Blobby383b (talk) 13:50, 20 February 2018 (MST)

Hello B,

I think I have already eliminated most of the improve features (although I could add the ranged effects to original features to further reduce) of most of the redundant abilities. Is why I was figuring on a month to complete in my original concern noted to BlueDragon. I will definitely double check all of the capitalizations, as it was originally easier to use word to auto-cap them. I am also going to work and try to meld certain abilities to normal 5E normal step progressions to make it flow better. This appears to have been originally pulled from 3.5E material with minimal adjustments to 5E. Thank you for the pointers.

v/r, Michael

If a page with a deletion template on it is having its problems addressed, the template can be removed from the page. As for the class as a whole, I can see it taking a while before it is completely fixed up, since the class still needs a lot of work, but your edits have already massively improved the page.--Blobby383b (talk) 14:32, 20 February 2018 (MST)

Thanks. Not looking at making any more changes until after tomorrow night as I have a player creating a character for playtesting. Will see what tweaks she gets this weekend.

v/r, Michael

OK. I lied. Everything I think is more balanced minus including the 2 archetypes (which are starting at level 3 like normal instead of level 10 like 3rd edition Prestige abilities).

v/r, Michael


So, I have a totally different homebrew for spellfire wielders that I'd like to post up and get some feedback on. I notice this one still has some major issues posted on it, and was wondering if I should list mine as a Variant or just wait for this one to get the axe?

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