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Work Log[edit]

First Draft[edit]

First draft created on Feb 3, 2017. --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 07:23, 4 February 2017 (MST)

A big one, deserves full mentions. So I am a big fan of warlock if you haven't noticed it earlier, and I thought about a way to modify it. The basic idea was: what if the warlock did not make the bargain with their patron themselves, but rather, inherited the pact from their ancestors? I had to look up every corner of my copy of good ol' PHB to get things interesting enough. Rogue gave me the greatest inspirations, as well as barbarian, fighter, monk, and paladin - basically speaking, the scion is pretty much a big mashup of pre-existing classes, with warlock as the base. The Life Tap is in the class feature, again, with the modified effect. I might as well use it as my signature class feature.

I divided the archetypes based on the Pact Boon feature from the warlock class, rather than the nature of the patron (or the sponsor for scion.) It took me at least one of the lower planes to get things as I intended, especially on the Legacy of Mastership. Playing Pokémon with D&D was already complicated with Ranger, and I think I somehow managed to make things even more complicated. Many spells, especially conjure elemental and find familiar was referenced on those parts, as well as the Shin Megami Tensei franchise.

You would notice that the scion may or may not be a spellcaster at the first level, whether they take the Legacy of Mysteries archetype or the other two. It reminded me of Varian from Heroes of the Storm, being a multiclass-class on its own. I guess the rules might be complicated regarding this part, but I am much satisfied with the outcome.

All feedbacks and suggenstions for modification are welcome! I know I am not a good modder by now, I am only learning some tricks. Please let me know if the scion is either too overpowered or too underpowered, or just plain boring. I want to keep things as interesting as possible.

Disclaimer: Due to its nature, multiclassing in both scion and warlock classes is not recommended. I suggest substituting warlock with scion, rather than having both of them in the same play.

Completely revamped; please care not the wingdings above.


I must admit, the first draft of the Scion was, frankly speaking, a messy modification of the warlock. All I did was making archetypes based on the Pact Boon features, rather than the Otherworldly Patrons, and changed some of the feature names. Heck, I even had to make a supplemental rules concerning multiclassing in scion/warlock. Seriously, if you need a whole new rule to simply multiclass, you have a serious problem.

And so the rework began, and by goodness, was it a hard task. I had to scratch up the entire Pact Magic feature, spell lists, and even the Pact of the Blade feature. The new scion was never meant to stand in front of the line; rather, it was meant to stand at the back, or at least in the middle of the formation, spamming various spells or simply say "Sic 'em, boys!" I borrowed the Complete Arcane book from my old DM to benchmark the 3.5rd warlock, which, I should admit, was an awesome class, although rather underpowered in the 3.5rd standards.

The Heritage of Servants archetype was the first to be completed, much to my own surprise. The idea was simple - playing Pokémon and Shin Megami Tensei with D&D system. At first all you can control is like a beast or two, but with your legacies, you can control feys and fiends, which was one thing I just could not give up. (I am a big fan of Shin Megami Tensei franchise, y'see.) I did not take a leaves or two out or the ranger features and find familiar spell, I copied the entire thing.

The Heritage of Mysteries archetype was trickier, now that I need the new mana resources to fuel spells and whatnots. Casting ritual spells are nice, that is actually worth one feat, but the problem was something else. The spell selection alone was a pain in the lump, and the features were painstakingly chosen, and even that I am not satistifed with. Seriously, there must have been a better way to implement things, but so far, this is the best I can ever get.

The legacies... oh, the legacies. I counted 32 invocations from the warlock class, and I had to add these and those and boom, now I have a whopping 34 legacies. If I did not find additional invocations from the Feburary 2017 edition of Unearthed Arcana, I would have never finished the legacy lists. I intentionally avoided most of the direct-damaging spells, maybe except for the magic missile and fireball and some more, because what I find most interestng with the D&D spells are, the non-damaging spells are usually considered more powerful than direct-damaging ones. That would be the single most feature that differenciate with modern days videogames, that is what I think, at least.

So long for the comments... and here are the reworked version of the Scion. Now I have gotta move on to the Hive Mind rework... Oh, and if you have any comments to leave, please feel free to leave them at the bottom of this talk page. I am not the brightest, as always, and I can assure you, every comment you make on this page helps and improves me and my works.

--WeirdoWhoever (talk) 21:17, 21 February 2017 (MST)

Another Rework[edit]

You know the feeling when you thought you made something so perfect that you think you can't do any better than that? And the feeling that when you revisit your, uh, perfect work and find that it is a complete mess? That was what I felt when I revisited my beloved scion class, when I was stuck at reworking Mystic Fist class.

And so began yet another rework. I was perhaps a bit too ambitious when I first came up with the mana system, which was not only incompatible with other class's special resources, it also had this awkward system that does not even match with the "standard" point-cost-to-spell ratio. I reverted it back to the ordinary "starts at 2nd level, scales with level on 1:1 ratio", and voila! It worked!

So I did a remake on the mana system, I had to come up with a new spellcasting feature. Then I found that, hey, I can do with the alternative spellcasting system from the DMG, and I worked on it. Since the scion now have a maximum of 20 mana that replenishes per short rest, I thought of giving them only half the pseudo-spellcaster level. The result was a rather crammed 2nd-level features, but other than that, I think it came up rather nicely. Not too powerful, but not too weak, either. You will spam like ten 1st-level spells at 20th level, or (since, hey, why would you spam 1st-level spell at 20th level?) five 3rd-level spells, or two 4th- and/or 5th-level spells. Not bad, I guess.

The Heritage of Mysteries got a big reworks, especially since it was previously a gigantic mess. A new Heritage of Mysteries now grants you three cantrips at 1st level, which you will be relying on without 1st-level spells; up to two Metamagic options, which will be handy for a spellcaster; a quick mana boost, for more spells; and an ability to spam a whopping 5th-level spell at a massive price (that spell becomes unavailable until long rest). Now that's what I call a good spellcaster, heh.

The Heritage of Servants got a smaller, but still a big rework. I am somewhat heartbroken to give up the first premise (playing Pokemon and SMT on D&D) but taking control of random monsters was too risky. Besides, the revised ranger features and artificer features from Unearthed Arcana showed me that a single, well-trained monster makes even a better companion than up to two? three? awkward minions. Now that you gain your thrall (previously minion) at 1st level, you will be relying on this faithful servant of yours for a while. I was thinking of Rexxar and Misha from the Warcraft franchise, although he is more of a ranger than a scion. Maybe I should stop playing Heroes of the Storm.

So enough of the comments, and hereby I proudly presents you the new and improved scion. Once again, if you have any comments to leave, please feel free to leave them at the bottom of this talk page. I am not the brightest, as always, and I can assure you, every comment you make on this page helps and improves me and my works.

P.S. Down with the vandals, I almost left the stupid introduction before I noticed that I did not write something at the top of the page. So much for playing as a social justice warrior, dear anonymous vandal, but I do believe that you can make yourself better for this world if you quit messing with someone else's business and get on with yours.

--WeirdoWhoever (talk) 18:19, 29 March 2017 (UTC)

ANOTHER Rework[edit]

Argh, why can't I be satisfied with my work? So yeah, this is the third try on my beloved Scion class. Maybe I was too ambitious with "spells-per-short-rest" idea. I'm trying a half-level sorcerer-esque build this time, hope it works this time. --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 02:37, 15 April 2017 (UTC)

Further Discussions[edit]

If you would like to leave comments, please be my guest. I'm not the brightest mind in here, every help counts.

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