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Mr Farche, great class, but I would like to see it refined a bit more. Perfect alternate for a party wizard or fifth PC. it takes too many runes to make arrows or ammunition, and you should make rules regarding oversized weapons, masterwork stuff, and make the time for making stuff a tad longer. Also-Make a variant melee version with better BAB, as the sculpt is usefull in melee. (less spells and maybe some fighter feats) -MAKE THE MAX ENHANCEMENT BONUS LESS. At 20th level, a soulknife only gets a +4, so make his every 3 levels starting atlevel 3 so at level 19 it is a +6. THIS WILL MAKE IT NOT SO OP. tenth level characters would have to spend all their starting GP to get a weapon with a +5.--Broccoli21 18:21, 7 May 2009 (MDT)

First, I'd just get rid of the bonus proficiency thing. It's not right that most Rune Shifters would run around knowing how to use multiple exotic weapons, but be unable to wield clubs, maces, crossbows, and daggers. Indeed, a PC is only going to take the proficiencies he wants to use, and having to keep track of a giant list is just cumbersome. Just give them normal proficiencies like every other class. Likewise, more skills on the list would be nice - decipher script and forgery at minimum, and maybe a few more. I disagree with the post above on using runes to make masterwork items and the time required to make items. If anything, the time required to both study and make items is overly long. Sculpt magical arms and armor may need an additional limit. +1 per 2 levels may actually be too LOW, overall, however I would say change it so that there is a separate maximum for both the flat + (as in a +5 sword) and for enhancements (as in a +1 flaming keen frost sword). You don't want level 10 characters running around with +5 swords... actually, that might be balanced. Considering this further, I have having problems seeing a true unbalance here, despite the above poster's claims. A level 19 character with a +6 weapon alone is just... well, dumb. A cleric can do better than that. A cleric can turn his +1 keen wounding sword to a +5 keen wounding sword. Restricting the Rune Shifter to never being able to make equivalent weapons, despite having significantly weaker spells, is just plain mean. The Soulknife is an underpowered class, and should not be used for comparisons, ever (unless you're saying "This is equivalent to a soulknife, and thus it sucks"). Dragon Child 18:51, 7 May 2009 (MDT)

Ur right. Keep the weapon enhancement stuff at 1 per level, as +6 is not really that great. the only problem is that at level 6, you can get a +3, which might be alittle OP, but fine at higher levels. also-get rid of the weapon proficiency stuff like the last guy said, or make it just a +1 every 5 levels, and make him start out with all armor, shields, and marshal weapons. He is still under powered. to balance this, give him a few bonus feats OR a higher BAB.--Broccoli21 15:08, 8 May 2009 (MDT)

The point of this class is to be able to create objects on the spot, memorizing how to do so beforehand. this is why the time to sculpt objects is so short, because you have already taken the time "make" them. As for the "Observation" of an object, I think the time required makes sense because it includes reverse engineering, memorization, and careful study.

Thanks so much for the comments, please continue to post, and I will continue to refine it.


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