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May I get permission to add this to my DnD Beyond page as a homebrew, so I might create my Catfolk Mystic for a campaign? I'd like to know whom I can credit for this lovely set of information as well!- (Please sign your post's User 2600:8800:2A86:9F01:C9BD:D168:EBA:7C4D Sincerely--Erlek Thunder weaver (talk | contribs | email) 11:45, 9 May 2019 (MDT) .)

Hello Papa slow-ying I would like to know what other changes you plan on doing to this page for I'm going to be adding mystics into my world soon and I wanted a more ¨Fair and Balanced" class and thank you for trying to make this page more balanced.:D--Erlek Thunder weaver (talk | contribs | email) 11:44, 9 May 2019 (MDT)

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