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What are the "drive" and "tinker" skills? Why not just use the existing vehicle and tool proficiencies? Marasmusine (talk) 07:24, 17 August 2017 (MDT)

the drive skill is the understanding and operation of any steam powered machinery

and the tinker skill is that its a tinker use to tinker and invent,

since my custom campaign has a lot of steam punk themes and mass production of firearms both these skills are usefullReddtheRage (talk) 08:23, 17 August 2017 (MDT)

But how is it different from what's in the PHB already: the vehicle proficiency and the tinker's tools proficiency? Marasmusine (talk) 09:14, 17 August 2017 (MDT)

Feedback from ConcealedLight

- Notable amount of grammar and punctuation errors as well as formatting inconsistencies

- Skills: Give them a choice of 4 like bards and increase the amount of selectable skills or giving them a expertise feature like rogues at early level. "drive" and "tink" are tool proficiencies so they are covered under Tools section rather then the Skills section of Proficiencies.

- Rigging Knot: I'd make this a bonus action and buff this. For example incorporating something that allows them to disengage from combatants on moving vehicles due to how used to doing tasks they are on vessels that sway and move at the whim of the seas/winds.

- BOTCH: A minute in combat is a full 10 rounds and that's a huge amount of time in battle and out of character. Instead making it use a action but take a full round to complete with getting damaged during that time causing an increase in the difficulty of the check makes it more interesting for the player and emphasizes the "quick fix" nature of this feature.

- Extra Attack: No class gets 4 attacks at max level so having a engineer type class be able to shoot a arrow, fire a gun and swing a sword faster then them is a little odd. The only exception to this being a fighters during his action surge and that puts a huge amount of strain on them. An single extra attack is fine.

- Proficient Flanker: The die evolution is inconsistent. Specifically going from a d10 to a d20 in 3 levels, the feature from levels 7, 10, 15, 18 (this should increase by 3 each time). I would use the rogues sneak attack as a base from the PHB way of doing something like this.

- Quick Handed: As part of your action firing a crossbow you reload the crossbow there is no bonus action required. This depending on if the DM is using the firearms presented in the DMG or not, if they are then any character can reload their weapon with a bonus action or action(their choice). There is no such thing as a quick action in 5th edition DND, however there is in the simplified version of the game(if I recall) but it is essentially the representation of a bonus action. This feature doesn't give anything to those playing the class that want to use a melee weapon and as such doesn't make gaining this level very eventful.

- Hit the Deck: I'd add this in as part of the description of Danger Sense that you gain at 10th level since its minor and give something else for 10th level.

- Parry: The parry reaction is one given to certain creatures in the MM and function diffidently to the one you've written. The one in the MM adds x amount of AC to you as long as you can see the attack coming and it is from a melee weapon. I'd add this to your description, change the name to Parrying Blow and keep the disadvantaged strike if the creature misses.

- Duck and Cover: You already have another two features that decrease your chances of getting hit and allow you to avoid such things so this is unnecessary really. The ability to auto succeed is something you don't give players and only monsters with legendary actions can do such things.

- Sideways Combatant: Instead of granting more bonus's allowing players to not suffer negative effects of being prone, sideways or upside down. Also this class lacks something that gives you something like the Athletics Feat I would throw that in because this class still have half movement when climbing which is weird for the theme.

- Nimble Reflexes: You already have to use a bonus action to draw or sheath a weapon or object. In addition, you already get proficiency in dex saves. Having proficiency in con saves is more appropriate.

- Superior Critical: Add this on to the Addicted to the Siege description that they gain at this level.

- Multi-Attack: There should be a defense, offense and utility option for this and Whirlwind attack should be part of your attack action so you'd get 2 attacks(with the extra attack edit I added) on each target in 5ft.

- Steam Monkey Jack: Make it short rest and add to BOTCH desciption you gain at this level.

Summery: All in all its super dependent on what setting your playing. The stacking of extra attacks plus the multi-attack feature plus the modifiers you get on the damage dice (yet oddly enough not attack rolls) make it over powered comparative to the WotC content. The fighting style and theme of the class is all over the place its like a weird fighter, rogue and engineer mix. There is a huge focus feature wise on being mobile and using siege weapons yet the siege weapon features are minor and there doesn't seem to be anything that allows you to make ones yourself and are fairly minor in what they grant. In regards to mobility its over emphasized. In terms of class damage distribution its pretty much you do damage with you weapons and with siege weapons other then that the class doesn't provide anything else. The stats don't reflect class as well Dex are the only stats that seem to matter. Lastly add a disclaimer about the campaign setting requiring wars to use siege weapons in and siege weapons to begin with.

Good Luck Red,

Hope you can get this balanced ConcealedLight (talk) 09:23, 25 August 2017 (MDT)

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