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To All the Editors[edit]

I'm about to make some major changes to this class. I'm restoring some of the features and abilities that I had originally written, but I am keeping many of the changes that you all have made. If, after you read through all of the changes, you don't agree with my view of the class, I am open to discussing possible changes. I'll be very open to purely balance-based changes, but there are a few elements that I will stand my ground on in relation to certain features. If we still can't reach an understanding, please make a class variant instead of editing this class.

Although I do appreciate the attention this class has gotten and the balance adjustments that have been given to it, I would have appreciated a message sent my way letting me know you wanted to make these changes. Just a note for future desires to edit. Again, I am very appreciative of the improvements you all have given this class.

WiserVisor (talk) 20:46, 14 February 2019 (MST)

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