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You shouldn't gain feats as class features


What we have here is a Spellcaster that is on par with other d8 classes but isn't a Warlock. Also, the Cold Affinity is not expanded on. Not to mention that in stock 5e (by that I mean ONLY using spells in the source books), Cold damage spells are very limited. The flavor text does lead to the idea of the reckonings, but it overall feels too unbalanced. Not to mention that you should have included a "cantrips at this level" in the chart for the class instead of cramming it in the Spellcasting.

Spells? Subclasses?[edit]

I really want to see a version of this class that works, but I'm having a hard time feeling the magic here. First, I'd like to see a comprehensive spell list, and if I have to, I'll help work on that.

Second, the subclasses... oh, the subclasses. Frozen Knight is a gigantic downgrade, considering all the dead levels for spell slots you don't get access to, and as a player I'd really rather have no subclass than be a Frozen Knight. When I think cryomancer, I think big spellcaster, not somebody whose flashiest feature is making one signature spell do less damage. Glacial Heart isn't much better. A wide, unavoidable aura of cold that I can't turn off really isn't conducive to the kind of RP I'd want to be doing. And it's not like there are any other features that help much.

This class is CRAZY underpowered. I wonder if there's enough to salvage here or if we'd need to start fresh. I want this to work. I really do.

--Ctenochaetus (talk) 01:35, 20 August 2018 (MDT)

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