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This class needs a lot of work for the following reasons. I did a quick skim only so I didn't get all the issues.

  • The features are not all written as 5e standard should be. There's not even a 1st level feature despite you having unarmored movement at 1st level already. There is terminology that doesn't make a lot of sense (eg, "liquid and gas") that needs to be defined more mechanically, like the sword and tentacles you make (ie, what are their stats if they are weapons? Leaving it up to the DM isn't going to cut it)
  • You also have the potential to become ridiculous forms based on whatever dead thing you eat, which is not limited by CR. And the DC15 check to do so is negligible at higher levels with ASI and that extra ASI the class gives, and the ceiling breaking of the usual ASI limit.
  • There is also features on levels where you gain ASI.
  • Small nit pick is the overall narrowness of this class. It is too adherent to the base material to be playable in this state and needs more attention to the DnD side of the rules.

Overall it could use some loosening of the flavor, which might make it flavorful enough to have subclasses even. If not subclasses, at least define the features more stringently so you don't end up being able to become a bugbear at level 1 just from eating it. Maybe take a look at the Daemon Eater (5e Class) for ideas on how to make a class based on eating and absorbing.--Yanied (talk) 14:21, 26 October 2020 (MDT)

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