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Weapon (greataxe), Artifact

The Sun Shard adamantine magic Greataxe that deals 2d12 Slashing, 3d8 Fire or Radiant damage and has +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls, whoever wields this weapon can switch the damage as a bonus action, and is an weapon granted only to the strongest follower of Helios, with the blessing of this weapon you become immune to fire or radiant damage based on what damage is currently on sun shard.

Attuning To attune to Sun Shard you must be a level 19-20 Paladin, Barbarian, or Fighter of a Lawful Good alignment with 20 or more Strength

Background. Long long ago there were The Lords of Iron created by the God of the sun Helios, to fight evil and push the darkness back, The Iron Lords did their jobs well, pushing evil back further and further each day, and in their actions they far surpassed the expectations of Helios and so in gratitude he granted them weapons of light, weapons forged from the suns heat itself and made one for each Iron Lord, and using these they fought the darkness till it was almost nothing, but as powerful as they were the Iron Lords could not escape the flow of time and one by one they died of old age, Helios taking their weapons upon their deaths, expect one. He left the Sun Shard in case the world would have need of it again. Sun Shard can be found underground the head half in the ground, waiting to be retrieved.

Blistering Crash As an action you can smash the axe head onto the ground sending out a circular wave of fire with a radius of 15 feet, each creature caught in the wave must make a DC 23 Dexterity save or take 6d20 radiant damage and become blind on a failed save, only half as much as a successful save and not be blinded. This attack is recharged at dawn each day.

Flames armor As a bonus action you can speak the Axe's command word, your choice, and wreathed the Axe and yourself in flames you gain a +3 your your ac and, Sun Shard now deals 3d12 fire damage, you are now under the effects of the spell Fire Shield, you have an extra attack and your spread 30 feet of bright light. This effect lasts an hour and can be used again after dawn each day.
Random Properties. The Sun Shard has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 2 minor detrimental properties
  • 0 major detrimental properties

Destroying the Sun Shard. To be destroyed Sun Shard must be thrown into the deepest darkest pit in your world, if left there for three days and three nights the axe head will shatter and the haft will crumple into ash and disappear. All other attempts to destroy the Sun Shard fail.

Lord Saladin the last Iron Lord about to charge into battle wielding Sun Shard

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