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Stone of Sympathy[edit]

Description: The Stone of Sympathy is a minor artifact. It radiates a permanent Sympathy effect that effects a certain race or subtype of creature, including intelligent creatures. Creatures that meet the criteria for a specific type of stone, such as a Stone of Sympathy: Dragons or Stone of Sympathy: Elves, must make a Will save (DC 22) when within 40 feet of the Stone or when it is intentionally presented to them (within their direct line of sight). Affected creatures feel elated and pleased to be in the area or desire to touch or to possess the Stone. The compulsion to stay in the area of the stone or to touch it is overpowering. If the save is successful, the creature is released from the enchantment, but a subsequent save must be made 1d6x10 minutes later (if the creature is still in the area). If this save fails, the affected creature attempts to return to the area or object.

An ambitious and powerful human wizard, Yvez Endark, is rumored to possess several of the Stones of Sympathy, including the coveted Stone of Sympathy: Humans. Just what he plans to do with the stones is unknown, but the portent is unfavorable...

Price: Not for sale; only found as an artifact.
Construction: The method for constructing new Stones has been lost; new Stones can only be found.

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