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Starlight Precursors[edit]

Starlight Precursors is a science fantasy with a different concept than the stereotypical science fiction you've seen before. It is set in our galaxy with some alien species, magic and two sides of the eternal conflict The precursors of light and the dark makers of darkness exist. It also has dark themes and focus on wars, death and uncertainty. Also some factions have unconventional themes to them and this campaign is more like a Lawful good versus chaotic evil.


In the Year 2040 a accident with the RHIC US collider which obliterate the north American continent spreading dark matter all around the earth infecting everything in it's way. In the Year 2045 A evacuation project known as Project exodus was a last ditch to protect the people of earth by building a warp drive for each spaceship known as super carriers and evacuating to mars over 4 billion people were saved. However the warp drives did too well and sent the Super carriers in the outer rim with one Super carrier disappearing to the west of the galaxy the super carriers landed on the closest known as Akaba soon people begin to build towns, cities and outposts and even began colonizing other planets and formed the new government known as the The Star Allies which gave rise the the corporation Astraeus. However in the year 2075 a non-fire accident at one of the Astraeus facilities caused the death of over 1 billion people at planet Jerry-841 as well as the planet blowing up into chunks and to make matters worse Astraeus was also committing crimes such as drug trafficking, corporate espionage, corporate meddling, fraud, racketeering, gun running and drug smuggling with whistle blowers, disgruntle employees and informants speaking out against the corporation and exposing it's dark deeds. The people demanded the Star Allies that the Astraeus be held accountable for the disaster but the Star Allies didn't listen. Eventually a Rebel Group specifically a independent military organization and a post-human super soldier race led by the father a atheist, scholar and martial artist that is known as the Sons of Faros aka the Vanguard they manage to overthrown the Star Allies and defeated Astraeus mercenary army and banish Astraeus to the east of the galaxy the Outer rim was reformed into a Federated socialist league with a lawful good architype and discovered a mysterious source of elemental magic of fire, earth, air, water and nature that can create food, materials, water, electricity and trees and also discovered crystals with unlimited power source that powered laser weapons, power armor, vehicles and cities so there was no need for a economy and the Vanguard Capitol was relocated to the Faros star system. Meanwhile the people of missing super carrier who landed of the planet of Maulhorn to the west of the galaxy began to colonized the planet when suddenly without warning a mysterious event known as the soul-storm that transformed the people into psionic super mutants with everyone have glowing green eyes with the soon to be leader Geralt saw a vision of a alien god known as Nodthir who told him to rally his people and lead them to their destiny Geralt named his faction the Forsaken a meritocracy who begin to colonize other planets and uncovered Nodthir artifacts on many planets. In the year 2165 Astraeus under the leadership of Ryan Goldman seeks to gain his revenge and begins a galactic conquest were only the super rich survives and the poor and middle class perish and turn his corporation Private army into cyborgs. However the Confederacy remnants of the Star Allies also beginning it's own galactic conquest came into contact with aliens such as Kahesans (Starfinder Lashunta like aliens), Fennecs (fox aliens), Skarhan (reptiles) and Eldens (elves) that resulted in a blood bath and also dragging the attention of the Skarrj Empire who been seeking for Precursors artifacts a race of gods of light. Eventually it became a 6 way war meanwhile a sinister threat the dark makers sworn enemies of Precursors are plotting a galactic purge and a group of vanguard or forsaken heroes are going to stop the dark makers no matter the cost.


The Vanguard: red and blue colors, Lawful good alignment and Federated socialist league.

The Forsaken: Green and brown colors, True neutral alignment and meritocracy.

The Ironstone: yellow and gun metal colors, Chaotic evil alignment and Corporate state.

The Skaarj Empire: violet and gold colors, lawful evil alignment and absolute monarchy.

The confederacy: Teal and orange colors, Lawful evil alignment and Oligarchy.

The Starset society (The aliens): Silver and bronze colors, Neutral good alignment and Representative republic.

The Dark makers: purple and black colors and Neutral evil alignment.

Precursors: White and grey colors and Neutral good alignment.


sci-fi Warrior, rogue, mage and cleric like classes such as the Soldier, operative, warlock and biohacker.


Some planets are available to visit like Torma-25, Valhalla, Ashfield, Talon and the final battleground the dark makers' homeworld Xalos.


The Technology of this campaign is similar to Warhammer 40k, star wars, destiny and StarCraft.


You can partake in battles in space and on planets.

This was inspired by Warhammer 40k, Starfall online, destiny and star wars.

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