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Soul Thief
6th-level Necromancy
Casting time: 1 hour
Range: Touch
Components: A Non Magical container with the Mark of Bindings of silver. Worth up to 5000 Gold pieces.Along with Five of the nine ingredients listed. A vial of wyvern's blood, A vial of Manticore venom, A vial of pure Arsenic, Crushed Belladonna, A crushed Unicorn horn, A pint of Griffon's blood, A pint of Vampire's blood, A pint of specially prepared ale that has had the spell book or brain of another spellcasting creature soaked in it for 24 hours, The heart of a sacrificed humanoid. The humanoid must have been sacrificed within 1 hour of the spell being cast.
Duration: Until dispelled, touched by the original owner of the soul, or the container breaks

After maintaining (1/your spellcasting level) hour(s) of skin to skin contact with a humanoid who is not hostile, is conscious, and is either willing or unknowing. Said humanoid must make a saving throw with a DC that's equal to the caster's Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma score + 2x Proficiency Bonus. If they succeed or take back their soul, the spell has no effect on them. If they fail, you capture their soul in your container. If they roll a natural 1 on their saving throw, they can only regain ownership of their soul if you, and only you, willingly give it back, or a greater deity steals and returns it. Otherwise, they can regain it if someone dispels the container, the original owner of the soul touches the container or the container breaks. This means that the Orignal Soul Owner's Body would have enough of a connection with the soul to keep it alive but also weak enough to not be able to return to it. The ingredients that are in the container are to keep the soul strong enough to survive also allowing the said body to survive.

I have a soul, now what? You can do one of the following with every soul:

  • Sell it to deities, demons lords, greater devils, etc. in exchange for magic items, blessings, rank in their army, etc. The rewards are at the DM's discretion.
  • Control their afterlife. Example: Eternal torture!
  • Eat the soul. Although the souls original owner must be living, and the soul is permanently destroyed, you gain a constant, one-way, telepathic link to them and gain access to their languages, codes, knowledge, and some knowledge related feats, "Linguist" or "Keen Mind", for example. You cannot, however, gain things like "Mobile" or "Tavern Brawler". You may also raise your Intelligence score by 1, if their score is higher than yours, you may do the same for Wisdom or Charisma. The rewards are at the DM's discretion.
  • Other goodies as detailed by your DM's.

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