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Prerequisites: Grappler Feat
When you have a creature pinned, you can make another grapple check to begin smothering them. When you do this, you lie down on their head and your fat forms around their face. The creature then starts suffocating. If the creature is a tiny creature, its breath is immediately forced out of it and it is subjected to running out of air. The smother subjects the smothered creature to the restrained, blinded, deafened, and prone conditions. To end this smother, a creature must succeed in a strength (athletics) check with a DC equal to your weight/17 (rounded down). The smothered creature makes this check at disadvantage. During your turn, you can use your action to force their head deeper into your flesh. This increases the DC to end the smother to your weight/14 (rounded up). This effect lasts until your next turn. If you are unconscious or incapacitated, creatures attempting to push you off have advantage. Smothering cannot be done if the smotherer is wearing any armor and the smotherer is subjected to the prone and restrained conditions.

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