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Guardian Variant[edit]

Guardians are specialized and dedicated rangers that focus on their favored terrain and on destroying its favored enemies.
Their life is usually very alone, rarely visiting civilization. No guardian has spent more than a few years of his life in civilization, making they lack manners and presenting qualities that are usually looked down upon by city folk. Unknown to them, he makes up for it in knowledge and skill in combat.

Improved Ranger features

Starting at 3rd level you hone your skills and capabilities, going beyond most ranger’s reach. You add the following improvements to your class features. You can only add these improvements on features that you already achieved.

Natural Explorer.
You gain advantage when using the following skills in your favored terrain: Handle Animal (only when dealing with normal animals to your favored terrain), Nature (for information on the terrain and its inhabitants), Stealth and Survival.
Favored Enemy.
At the start of a combat that you are fighting a favored enemy you can choose to use one of the two options: Double your proficiency bonus on attack rolls against the favored enemy or add your proficiency bonus to the damage roll of your attacks against said enemy. You can switch between the two options during combat by using a bonus action. You can only use this feature against a single type of favored enemy at a time. If you want to switch the enemy type, from your list of favored enemies, you need to use a bonus action to do so.
Primeval Awareness.
Add your favored enemies to the sensed creature type list. It also gives an approximate direction of where your favored enemy is.
Land’s Stride.
When you reach level 8 add the following benefit to this feature. When you are in your favored terrain your base walking speed increases by 5 feet.
Hide in Plain Sight.
When you reach level 10 add this benefit to this feature. You can move up to half your base speed while still maintaining this feature’s bonus, but your stealth checks are made with disadvantage. Vanish. When you reach level 14 add this benefit to this feature. You can use the Hide action even when lightly obscured by your favored terrain’s features (such as tall grass).
Feral Senses.
When you reach level 18 add the following benefit to this feature. You gain advantage on Perception checks that rely on hearing and smell.
Foe Slayer.
When you reach level 20 add this benefit to this feature. You add your Wisdom modifier to all attack rolls and damage rolls made against your favored enemies.

Improved Toughness
At 3rd level, your hit points increases by your constitution modifier times 3 and when level up in this class you add twice your constitution modifier instead of once to your total hit points.

Improved Favored Terrain or Enemy
At 7th level, you choose between two features. Either you double all hit points you regain while in your favored terrain or you halve all damage inflicted to you by your favored enemy.

Extra Attack (2)
When you reach level 11 you make three (3) attacks when you take the Attack action.

Improved Favored Terrain or Enemy
At 15th level, you gain the feature you didn't choose at level 7.

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