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Design Note: This content refers to playtest material in Unearthed Arcana: Feats for Skills. Additionally, it assumes you are using the Feats variant rule in chapter 6 of the Player's Handbook.

Half-Elf Variant[edit]

If your campaign uses the optional feat rules, you may replace the Skill Versatility trait of your half-elf character with the following trait:

Skill Feat. You gain one feat, choosing from the following list: Acrobat, Animal Handler, Arcanist, Brawny, Diplomat, Empathic, Historian, Investigator, Medic, Menacing, Naturalist, Perceptive, Performer, Quick-Fingered, Silver-Tongued, Stealthy, Survivalist, or Theologian (source: Feats for Skills). You do not gain any boost to an ability score from your chosen feat.

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