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Shadowfell Walker[edit]

What a terrifying form! Only something the Shadowfell could give birth to could be so horrifying and powerful
—A mercenary leader who spent his last breath gazing upon the Shadowfell form

Mysteries to those on the Material Plane that do not know their true origins, they dwell on the material plane doing their best to attain and share knowledge with any who will listen. While outgoing and friendly, the Shadowfell Walkers are casters of immense power that have a horrific, otherworldly side to them. Those who are smart make friends with and even seek advice from them, this advice usually leading to great feats or achievements, some good some evil. Normally while accepted by other races because of their usual helpfulness and neutral demeanors, some are shunned due to evil intentions. These evil Shadowfell walkers are the most dangerous among their kind and some of the most powerful magic casters in the world. While those who are unwise choose to make enemies with the Shadowfell walkers and they soon find that to be a mistake as unfathomable magical energy rips them apart.

Physical Description[edit]

A male Shadowfell Walker in his base form

Shadowfell Walkers look like tall, pale humans in their standard forms. They are taller and skinny with skin that ranges from being a milky white to a light gray color. Their eyes are usually some form of black purple or red and glow faintly and move as if animated. When backed into a corner they may assume a form of shadow representative of their origins from the Shadowfell. In this form their body turns into a black and sickly mist that retains its human shape, and fills out whatever armor/ clothes they are currently wearing. Spikes and tendrils protrude from this inhuman form adding to its fear factor and a signal of its monstrous strength, typically the larger the spikes and the tendrils the stronger the Shadow Walker is. A weaker Shadow walker will have spikes maybe an inch long and tendrils a foot long where as a Shadow Walker of immense power would have spikes protruding from their back about a foot long and tendrils that reached lengths nearly twice the length of their arms.


Shadowfell Walkers are beings that come from the Shadowfell. They reside in tribes where only those that display great magical power or an inherent gift in the arcane arts are selected. Once selected they undergo a series of deadly tests each deadlier than the last until only few remain. Once this occurs there is a free for all style death match in which one is left standing. The winner of this death match is then taken by the elders of the clan and through a way only known to them given their freedom by being transported from the Shadowfell to the material world where they assuredly spend the rest of their days. In the material world the Shadowfell walkers that manage to escape are considered wise and to actually be quite kind and give sage advice, to the point of advising even kings at times.


Shadowfell Walkers while very social, do not enjoy the company of their own kin as they despise and distrust anything from the Shadowfell including their own kind. They enjoy learning of how different societies function and harbor no hatred for anything but those of their home realm the Shadowfell. You can usually find them secluded outside of human, elven and dwarven settlements and it is rare for them to actually live in settlements. They like to intermingle and do so regularly with the other races of the lands, mostly for entertainment and knowledge. Shadow Walkers are highly regarded by the races that know of them and have encountered them as intellectuals and it is not uncommon to seek one out for knowledge or advice.

Shadowfell Walker Names[edit]

Male: Alphemos. Kieten, Zeltinas

Female: Calpurnia, Kirvesna, Selvza

Shadow Walker Traits[edit]

Powerful spellcasting human like creatures born of the Shadowfell with a terrifying transformation when backed into a corner
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 3 or Intelligence score increases by 3 and your Dexterity score increases by 2. However your Strength decreases by 2 and your Constitution decreases by 1
Age. Shadowfell Walkers don’t age quickly. They appear to be an adult mid to late in their years and are able to live as long as a couple thousand years.
Alignment. Despite their origins most Shadow Walkers arent evil. They usually stay to the neutral side of things seeing most things as a moral gray however there are a few outliers that tend to be more good than other or more evil. Evil Shadowfell Walkers are feared however as they make some of the strongest lichs if they manage to ascend to that level though few do.
Size. The height of a typical Shadow Walker ranges from 5'8" to 6'10" and only weigh 50 to 75 lbs, most of the weight being from your armor in combat form. Your size is Medium
Speed. Shadowfell Walkers can hover about a foot off the ground avoiding things like land traps and water at a speed of 35. However if they are grounded by any means they can only walk at a speed of 25 due to their legs being atrophied as they very rarely walk.
Shadowfell form. When a Shadowfell Walker is reduced to 50% of their max HP or below they enter a form called " Shadowfell form" lasting for their casting modifier in rounds. In this form they add their casting modifier stat whatever that may be increases to one modifier up ( ex +5 at 20 to +6 at 22) to their spell damage done with spells and cantrips per creature affected by them, limited once per turn.
Eldritch Tendrils. When in your Shadowfell form as a bonus action you can use a tendril to cast a single blast of eldritch blast no matter how many you are able to cast.
Sentient Shadows. As long as Shadowfell Walkers cast a shadow, it rises to protect them. When casting a shadow in any capacity the Shadowfell walker gets a +2 to their AC as the shadow rises from its point of origin to either intercept the attack or covers the Shadowfell Walker to lessen it.
Languages. You can read, write, and speak both Common and Primordial.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Table: Shadowfell Walker Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
5′ 4″ +3d6 20 lb. × (1d4) lb.

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