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Shadow Monarch[edit]

Fighter and Rogue Subclass

The Shadow Monarch rules and controlls the battlefield with its authority. It strikes when necessary. The Shadow Monarch brings its army and tactics to the battlefield.

Using this subclass

In this subclass's features, any reference to your class refers to the class from which you gained the subclass. If you're a fighter, the Shadow Monarch counts as your Martial Archetype and if you're a Rogue, the Shadow Monarch counts as your Roguish Archetype.

When you subsequently reach a level in your class that gives you a subclass feature, you gain one feature of your choice from the options presented here. Each feature has a class level prerequisite, as noted beneath its name. You must meet that prerequisite to gain the feature.

Ruler's Authority

3rd Level+ Shadow Monarch Feature
You may cast Telekinesis at will. This form of telekinesis is Limited to only objects with a weight of maximum 50 pounds. Weight limit increase with your level in this class. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for this spell.
At 9th level, you may target creatures with Ruler's Authority.

Ruler's Authority Weight Limit
Level Weight limit
3rd 50
5th 100
9th 200
13th 500
17th 1000
Monarch's Shadows

7th Level+ Shadow Monarch Feature
The monarch's shadows are its own army. They always move after the Monarch's Turn. They are undead creatures buildt up by shadow that resemble their former selves.

Raise Shadow, As an action, you revive a chosen non-undead or non-construct creature that has died within an hour that you can percieve, by saying a chosen keyword. A shadowy body of the former creature is created and risen from the body. The creature is reborn with a deep loyalty to you born from your curse. The challenge rating of the creature revived must be of a challenge rating equal or lower than your Raise Shadow CR Limit. If the revived creature has a level instead of CR, with three attempts you must roll a flat intelligence against a DC equal to the creature's level + 5, on a success a shadow is risen, on three failures the revival fails completely and a shadow can no more be risen from the creature's corpse. You may have an amount of shadows active on the battlefield equal to your proficiency bonus.

On each of your turns, you can use a bonus action to command any shadows you have made if the creature is within 60 feet of you (if you control multiple creatures, you can command any or all of them at the same time, issuing the same command to each one). You decide what action the creature will take and where it will move during its next turn, or you can issue a general command, such as to guard a particular chamber or corridor. If you issue no commands, the creature will observe and act based on experiences it had in life. Once given an order, the shadow continues to follow it until its task is complete.

In order to convey complex commands you must know the languages the shadow knew in life. E.g: to have a goblin shadow survey an area for you, you must communicate in goblin language for it to understand the complex task. Your shadows will understand general commands like: guard, attack, defend, protect, grab, hold. Regardless of language barrier.

Store Shadow, You may store an amount of shadows equal to your proficiency bonus. These shadows are kept within your own shadow hidden from normal eyes. As a bonus action you may recall a shadow from the battlefield back to you or summon one from your shadow into an empty space adjacent to you. Stored shadows count as inactive and benefit from long rest.

Banish Shadow, As an action, you may return one or multiple of your shadows to nothingness. This is done by targeting your shadows and saying a chosen keyword to return it to nothingness. Shadows that have returned to nothingness cannot be raised again.

At 9th Level, Having a shadow stored in your own shadow counts as having an additional ally beside you, enabling sneak attacks.

Raise Shadow CR Limit
Level Challenge Rating
7th 1/2
8th 1
11th 2
14th 3
17th 4
Shadow Exchange

10th Level+ Shadow Monarch Feature
As an action or as an attack you may switch places with one of your shadows that you can percieve. If you're able to make multiple attacks with the Attack action, Shadow Exchange replaces one of them.
At 13th Level, you may as an action percieve through one of your shadows eyes. You may switch with the shadow you are precieving through as a bonus action.

Shadowlord's Domain

15th Level+ Shadow Monarch Feature
As an action you paint the ground in your shadowy domain. This domain extends outwards you forming a circle with a radius of 60ft.
Your shadows inside your domain gain your proficiency bonus added to their attack and damage rolls.
At 17th Level, The area of the domain is increased and you may choose to expand it out as a circle with a radius between 60ft and 120ft.

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