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Shadow Elves[edit]

Curiosity comes naturally to creatures of the Feywild, and the urge to wander and roam is apart of their very being. Sometimes, this curiosity leads the children of the Feywild to less than fortunate fates. One such fate is the one that befell a group of elves who wandered too far and found themselves trapped in the Shadowfell. Unable to leave, they were forced to adapt or die. While the Shadowfell is reluctant to let any of it's inhabitants leave, some Shadow-Elves find their way back to the material plane: But they are forever changed.

At first look, one might mistake a shadow-elf for a drow. Many shadow-elves have a hatred, similar to the dark elves, towards elves untouched by the darkness. While not all shadow-elves are evil they come by it more naturally than even drow and good shadow-elves are extremely rare. Shadow-elves, however, do not share the drow's worship of Lolth. Their culture as a whole despises Shar, seeking to cause her pain in whatever way they can. In truth, the shadow-elves are forsaken from the gods. While some Shadow-elves who make their way back to the material plane may find faith while the majority of their race is faithless.

Shadow-elvish skin color ranges from pale grey to deep black. Their hair is similarly colored, although in rare occasions it may retain some trace of color. Children with such hair are usually prized by their clans, as color in the Shadowfell is seen as direct defiance to Shar. Their eyes range from solid grey to pitch black, but Shadow-elves exposed to sunlight develop seemingly glowing eyes of vibrant colors.

Shadow-elves who find their way into the material plane are most at home at night. They are able to seemingly blend into the darkness at will, and have certain magical abilities from their time in the Shadowfell. They are also more hardy, having been exposed to negative energy for their entire lives, than normal elves.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Fey Magic. You have learned from the shadows and disappear! You are able to cast misty step once per short or long rest (Charisma would be your Spellcasting DC).
Vanish. You can attempt to Hide in dim light, when covered or in darkness with advantage on stealth, but have disadvantage in direct sunlight or any source of bright light.
Shadow Elf Weapon Training. You have proficiency with light crossbows, rapiers, and shortswords.

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