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The Scythe Master:

Are you a spellcaster, tired from the ordinary spells and wanting to behead your enemies and spill "some" blood? Or are you a mighty fighter who wants to put his hard training in another level? This is your 5-level prestige class to be "one" with your weapon, learn tricks and how to use it properly in battle with a reaper style. After all you don't want to be just an ordinary Scythe wielder. You want to be its Master.


  • Alignment: Any
  • Base Attack Bonus: +5
  • Feats: Weapon Focus(Scythe), Improved Critical(Scythe), Improved Trip and Combat Expertise.

Table: The Scythe Master
Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
1st +1 +2 +2 +0 Bound with the soul, Fighting Shaft -1, Defending Shaft +1, Push Back Slice
2nd +2 +3 +3 +0 Weighted Shaft
3rd +3 +3 +3 +1 Defending Shaft +2, Palm Balance Reach
4th +4 +4 +4 +1 Fighting Shaft +0, Defending Shaft +3
5th +5 +4 +4 +1 Bound with the souls*, Leg Sweep
Class Skills (2 + Int modifier per level)
Balance(Dex), Bluff(Cha), Climb(Str), Craft(Int), Intimidate(Cha), Jump(Str), Perform(Cha), Profession(Wis), Tumble(Dex) and Use Magic Device(Cha).

Class Features[edit]

All the following are class features of the Scythe Master:

Bound with the soul(s): The Scythe Master binds a single scythe to their call. That scythe becomes tied to their very soul, becoming a conduit for their purpose and their weapon of destruction. The Scythe Master adds the scythe's HP to his own, and they share this pool of HP. If Scythe Master brought to -1, the scythe is broken (if it's held and participate in the battle).and the Scythe Master gets -2 life each round until he dies to -11 if he does not get stabilized. The scythe cannot be broken with a single Strength check,and instead must be sunder from it's Scythe Master to destroy it or when the Scythe Master dies. The Scythe Master may do this ritual with a scythe normally.(If the Scythe is broken and the master didn't die then he can repair his weapon when he gets all his hit points back and wait for one month. Then with 24 hours of meditating and 100 xp per class level if it is normal Scythe 300 xp per class level if it's a battle Scythe, and 500 xp per class level if it's magic. If he doesn't want to repair it he must destroy it so the bond breaks.)Finally, as a supernatural action, the may call the scythe to his hand with a move action as long as he and the scythe are on the same plane. He can communicate with it as if it was a servant and give to it commands. The Scythe gets Intelligence score equal to each master only when they are bind together. It can understand his master commands, respond and do as he says with a telepathic bond. It obeys only him and only. And cannot speak to anyone else except the Scythe Master and only by telepathic bond. By meditating for 12 hours and expending 100 xp per class level, the Scythe Master may bind himself to a different scythe, breaking all ties with his former weapon.

  • The Scythe master at level 5, can bound his soul with two Scythes, only if one is a normal Scythe and the other a Battle Scythe. If so each time he calls the specific Scythe his life changes to the one he holds. If in a battle he doesn't have his Scythe then his life is at normal hit points.

Fighting Shaft:At 1st level, the Scythe Master is capable of using the shaft of his Scythe as an offensive weapon, gaining an offhand attack as though wielding two light weapons,but the penalty is reduced by 1 (For -1/-1 on attack rolls). The shaft of the scythe is a bludgeoning weapon that deals 1d4 damage with a x2 critical and it cannot be magical. It has no additional weight. If the shaft has a Weighted Shaft, then it uses the properties for a Weighted Shaft and can be magical. This only applies when wielding the scythe in two hands. At 5th level, the penalty is reduced by an additional 1 point, for no penalty.

Defending Shaft:While wielding a scythe, the Scythe Master is capable of blocking incoming attacks with the shaft. He gains a +1 shield bonus to Armour Class while wielding a Scythe. This increases to +2 at 3rd level and +3 and 5th level.

Weighted Shaft: An Scythe Master is so trained in the use of a scythe, he is able to wield the scythe with finesse even with a weighted shaft. While fighting with a Weighted Shaft in his scythe, the Scythe Master forgoes the -2 penalty associated with it.

Push Back Slice: The Scythe Master is capable of pushing away his opponent with the shaft of his weapon and then immediately slice the enemy with the blade. The initial strike from the shaft acts as though a bull rush attempt to push the opponent back 5 feet, except there are not Attacks of Opportunity and the Scythe Master does not gain any bonuses due to relevant bull rush feats. If the check is successful, then the Scythe Master immediately gains an attack with the scythe's blade against a flatfooted opponent, as he stumbles back. The opponent cannot be targeted by any Attacks of Opportunities from the Scythe Master for this movement.

Leg Sweep As a full round action, the Scythe Master can spin his scythe around in a full circle, jumping over the shaft as it spins around to make a trip attack against every creature in an adjacent square to the Scythe Master. This trip attempt cannot be countered and can only be dodged by those it's made against. The opponents cannot attempt a counter-trip attempt. If by a natural 1 the Scythe gets the Scythe Master to trip himself he can let the Scythe fell to the ground so he won't. He must say that he does so.

Palm Balance Reach: The Scythe Master is capable of doubling his normal reach with his scythe for one attack per round by thrusting it out and briefly keeping the shaft held in his open palm,and then grabbing it and pulling it back sharply. For one attack per round, the range of the Scythe Master is doubled and he takes a -2 on the attack roll. This only works when wielding a scythe designed for the Scythe Master size category. During a round in which the Scythe Master used this, he is not capable of using the shaft as an off-hand weapon.

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