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This race of scorpion humanoids were not always so advanced, their origin lies with normal scorpions doing things that normal scorpions would do but over the years they began to evolve this species did not know it but they where living was on top of radioactive magically infused rock. The race slowly began evolving and would you look at it at this time, you would see small structures that would have scorpions coming in and out fluently with markets and the such eventually they evolved to become a great race of scholars and merchants, creating the race of Scorpio called. Since then their race has evolved becoming one of the more educated races quickly cities formed, but then war came it ravaged everything destroying cities as it came but then as all hope was lost they banded together to make one, cities banded together making them lose contact with the other parts of the worlds due to their cut off location and their habit of not trusting foreigners, causing them to be forgotten to time. One time a religious fanatic launched a crusade to conquer the entire continent once they had captured their homeland The Principality Gerovium A soldier captain heard in a bar a myth about a Hidden kingdom in the unconquered mountains to the south They tried to capture it but only 12 ragged soldiers returned they returned with a lone body they were scared and begged no one to go back there there was only death for them there, of course they did not listen and sent a rescue party there of which none returned causing the myth of the mountian to become ever more told and feared

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