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Physical Description

    Humanoid in nature. They have the occasional armor plating on their arms and midsections, they do not however overlap and are semi-reliable armor. They have the same general body size and aspects of humans, except they have a armored scorpion tail filled with poison and have their eyes blacked out. They still can see, but their eyes are pure black. Other than that, they generally look like humans until you see the tail, eyes, or the small armor patches.


   Their true origin is unknown, but their history begins with roaming the deserts as wanderers, killing and eating whatever they could find. Until one day a curious member of this clan wandered off and met something similar to them, a yuanti pure-blood. They eventually came to understand that they were surprisingly similar, and eventually the clan met with a group of them and the yuantis taught them the basics of building a society and running one. The scorp-kin were generally very rare and unless you have been in a yuanti pure-blood society you probably never heard of them or their existence. There total numbers are estimated to be between 100 and 300 people, and they rarely every leave their first village.


    They lived in a very beginnings of a society,forming clans until they eventually moved in with the yuanti. They live generally by their rules but one thing that does separate them from their yuanti friends is that their leader is generally decided by pure strength and not anything else. Other than that they are trying to begin a society and are at the beginning of their first town, albeit near the yaunti village.


    They steal names form both humans and the yuanti but their beginning clan didn't really have names, they had titles based of their age or ranking in their hierarchy. 

Birth to age 4 - Young-ling 4 to 200 - based off title (ie. chief, warrior, etc.)

Racial Traits

    Ability score-Increase strength or dexterity by 2 and constitution by 1 and decrease your charisma by 1.
    Age-The Scorp-kin mature around the age of 4 or 5, then live to be around 200 years old.
    Alignment-They tend to lean away from lawful alignments, but do not lean towards any alignment in particular.
    Size-Your height is similar to that of a human, if not a little bigger. your height ranges from 5' to 6'6".
    Speed-When running you generally move on all 4's, but your speed is that of an average humanoid. 30 feet.
    Tail-Your tail is a natural weapon, when you hit with it, it deals 1d4 + your choice of dex or str. This damage is piercing damage and you may not make 2 attacks in the same turn with this tail.
    Poison sac-When you hit with your tail attack, you may immediately use your bonus action to force the enemy to make a constitution saving throw equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + either your str or dex mod. If they fail they take 2d6 poison damage, then are poisoned. They may spend their bonus action to make another con save to end the poisoned effect. If they succeed they take half damage and are not poisoned.
    Scorpion heritage-You gain a few benefits off this that includes
         -Natural armor-While not fully plated you still have semi-reliable plates. Your AC is equal to 12+ your dex modifier. If your class has an unarmored defense feature you may add 1 to your unarmored defense.
         -Poison resistance-You have resistance to poison damage, but if you are injected with your own poison you automatically fail the con save and take double damage.
         -Sharp fingers-You're fingers are naturally built to climb up rocks and mountains. You have a climbing speed equal to your movement speed.

Languages- You know a very simple version of common and your choice of abyssal or draconic.

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