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Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Arachnids, Scorpio Called
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

  • Scarovon was once a mortal scorpion, as a joke a god decided to sponsor the scorpion to be a god, amazingly AO excepted them as a god after that the scorpion became awakened, After which Scarovon while still being a demi-power defeated Zanorath the Darvenian Deity of Astra and Cosmology after stinging them with a venom stored in their tail. After this Scaravon became an Intermediate deity due to Zanorath's big following of stargazers and astrologists. Later Scarovon Would Gain a bigger following after 'unintentionally' creating the race of Scorpio called
  • Typically, Scarovon Will be represented as a scorpion in idols. When creating avatars Scarovon tends to choose to look like a Scorpio called
  • Intentionally distant to greater and intermediate deity's but sometimes is a friend to and takes lesser and demi deities sides
  • Typically it is only Scorpio called and astrologists who worship Scarovon but their have been a few stargazers known to as well. The way most worship Scarovon is by burning 3 sticks of incense every month (symbolizing Scarovon's 3 eyes 2 for seeing and the third eye that can peer anywhere in the cosmos at will) but some worshipers conduct ancient rituals their isn't many clerics of Scarovon the clerics there are though are usually chaotic neutral. Scarovon is usually worshiped in the household.
  • Scarovon is as a deity related to scorpions, one of her many artifacts is a scorpion tail, specifically her original one and the one that she killed a god with, they have been turned into rings with patterns telling her tale of how she became a deity. The idol of Annamark please refer to the idol of Annamark artifact for more information.

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