Sand Mage (4e Wizard Variant)

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Sand Mage[edit]

I will scour the skin from your flesh, tear you apart with dust, break your pitiful body and then bury your worthless corpse beneath an ocean of sand. That is a promise.

A Sand Mage/Wizard is a Wizard that uses a new implement, the sand vase.

The sand mages inhabit the deserts of this world. They are enigmas, quiet, careful and calculating, patient as the desert sun, and in an instant terrible, powerful fighters, capable of wrecking havoc upon a battlefield. Artisans at heart, the Sand Mages are solitary by nature, and manipulate the massive power of the desert to their advantage. Few "conventional" spellcasters take the Sand Mages seriously. Until they watch one crush a battalion of men beneath a sand dune with a wave of the hand. Each sand mage carries pots of ochres and dusts with which they augment their powers. It is this sand that they manipulate to destroy their opponents. The only weakness of the Sand Mage in combat is that they must have sand to work their spells. If they have even a single grain, however, they are truly a site to behold.

Sand Vases[edit]

A sand vases is a new implement that can be wielded in one hand. A Sand Mage's vase contains a normally magical type of sand. Black shards of onyx, dust from ground rubies, glittering gold dust, and many others are all weapons in the Sand Mage's arsenal.

A wizard who has chosen a sand vase as their implement, and is wielding it, may ignore the effects of difficult terrain caused by rock or sand.

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